California Central Valley Dairy Waste and Nutrient Management Dry Manure Nutrient Application Rate Estimator
Dry manure nitrogen application rate estimator
Enter field size, select dry manure application method, and enter average load size of broadcast equipment.

Size of field to be fertilized: acres
Manure application method:
Average load size for broadcast equipment: tons

Describe the manure source, select analytical units, then enter laboratory data from the most recent analyses of the manure source described.

Dry manure source/description:
Lab results in:
Total nitrogen: mg/Kg
Total phosphorus (as P205): mg/Kg
Total potassium (as K2O): mg/Kg

Select the target nutrient and the amount to apply to cropland.

Target nutrient:
Target nutrient application rate: lbs/acre

Enter the percentage of nutrients you estimate will be available to the crop (based upon mineralization rates, climate conditions, etc.).

Nitrogen availability: %
Phosphorus availability: %
Potassium availability: %

Broadcast rate and truckloads to apply for a nitrogen based application.

Estimated broadcast application rate: 0.00 yards/acre
Estimated truckloads to apply: 0.00 loads per field

REVIEW: Estimated NPK application rate for cropland.

Applied Available
Estimated nitrogen: 0.00 0.00 lbs/acre
Estimated phosphorus (as P2O5): 0.00 0.00 lbs/acre
Estimated phosphorus (as P): 0.00 0.00 lbs/acre
Estimated potassium (as K2O): 0.00 0.00 lbs/acre
Estimated potassium (as K): 0.00 0.00 lbs/acre