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Facility: Best Western Andersen's Inn
Address: 12367 S Hwy 33, Santa Nella, CA

The most recent inspection of this food facility resulted in a rating of
Satisfactory (Total Points: 12.00)
0-6  Points: Good
7-13 Points: Satisfactory
14+  Points: Unsatisfactory
Rating on date 10-17-2019: Satisfactory (Total Points: 12.00)
DateViolationPointsCorrectionInspector CommentsFacility Area
10-17-2019 Toilet facilities shall be maintained clean, sanitary and in good repair. Toilet rooms shall be separated by a well-fitting self-closing door. Toilet tissue shall be provided in a permanently installed dispenser at each toilet. The number of toilet facilities shall be in accordance with local building and plumbing ordinances. Toilet facilities shall be provided for patrons: in establishments with more than 20,000 sq ft.; establishments offering on-site food consumption. (113953, 113953.1, 113953.2, 114250, 114250.1, 114276) 2.00 Provide clean toilet facilities in good repair. Provide permanently installed toilet tissue dispenser(s) in all toilet facilities. Provide handwashing facilities within or adjacent to all toilet facilities. Soap shall be provided in dispensers at, or adjacent to, handwashing facilities. Single-use sanitary towels in dispensers or hot-air blowers shall be provided at handwashing facilities.

Customer restrooms are required for food facilities of more than 20,000 square feet if they were constructed after July 1 1984, and also applies to facilities of any size that were constructed after January 1, 2004 where there is onsite consumption of food. A "take-out only" food facility, with no seating indoors or outdoors, may not be required to provide customer restrooms. Check with the Division of Environmental Health and with the appropriate Planning Department before removing or restricting access to customer restrooms.
(1) Observed restroom door lacks self closing hinges. Provide a self closing mechanism on the restroom door.

(2) Observed lack of the required handwashing reminder sign in the restroom used by kitchen area employees. Provide the required reminder sign within the restroom in a visible location.
10-17-2019 An accurate easily readable metal probe thermometer suitable for measuring temperature of food shall be available to the food handler. A thermometer +/- 2°F shall be provided for each hot and cold holding unit of potentially hazardous foods and high temperature warewashing machines. (114157, 114159) 4.00 Have a thermometer accurate to within 2°F or 1°C in each hot and cold holding unit. Have a metal probe type thermometer readily available on premises (to all appropriate staff) that is calibrated in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications as necessary to ensure accuracy. (1) REPEAT: Observed lack of knowledge of the location of a commercial grade probe thermometer to verify hot foods are being reheated to not less than 165ºF. Obtain and use. Failure to provide an approved probe thermometer.

(2) Observed lack of a thermometer in multiple cold holding units at this location (refrigerators and freezers). Have a thermometer accurate to within 2ºF or 1ºC in each refrigeration unit, as practicable. Note that product mimicking sensors placed in devices located in the warmest part of the mechanically refrigerated unit may be approved in lieu of an ambient air sensor.
10-17-2019 Wiping cloths used to wipe service counters, scales or other surfaces that may come into contact with food shall be used only once unless kept in clean water with sanitizer. (114135, 114185, 114185.1, 11485.2, 114185.3) 2.00 Cloths used to wipe service counters, scales, and other surfaces that may directly or indirectly contact food shall be used only once until laundered or may be used repeatedly if held in a sanitizing solution, as described below. Cloths used with raw foods of animal origin shall be used only once until laundered or may be used repeatedly if kept in a separate container of sanitizing solution, as described below:
(1) Contact with a solution of 100 ppm available chlorine solution for at least 30 seconds.
(2) Contact with a solution of 25 ppm available iodine for at least one minute.
(3) Contact with a solution of 200 ppm quaternary ammonium for at least one minute.
(4) Contact with any chemical sanitizer that meets the requirements of Section 180.940 of Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations when used in accordance with the manufacturer's use directions.
Observed terry cloth towels being used to store clean dishes on. Observed lack of a rag bucket being used with the appropriate sanitizer concentration for wiping down food service counters and areas.

Do not use terry cloth towels as a storage surface for clean utensils or food items. Ensure rag buckets are set up with the appropriate strength of sanitizer in each bucket to ensure rags are properly sanitized after each use to reduce the potential for cross contamination, or that each terry cloth rag is used only ONCE and is then laundered before being reused. If opting to store rags in sanitizer solution between uses, recommend use of the 'two rag per bucket' method to increase likelihood rags are being left in the sanitizing solution for the required amount of time (30 seconds for 100 PPM chlorine, or 60 seconds for 200 PPM quat).
10-17-2019 A person proposing to build or remodel a food facility shall submit plans for approval before starting any new construction or remodeling of any facility for use as a retail food facility. (114380, 114381) 2.00 A person proposing to build or remodel a food facility shall submit complete, easily readable plans drawn to scale and specifications to the Division of Environmental Health and obtain approval prior to starting any project. Observed renovation has occurred at this location without prior plan approval. Do not replace, upgrade, or structurally renovate food areas or equipment without prior approval in writing from MCDEH. Obtain and submit specification sheets for the equipment in the kitchen area that could not readily be identified as commercial grade (chest freezer).

**CONDITIONAL APPROVAL** of the quarry tile flooring with the non-curved cove pieces installed 'blunt nose' style at the floor/wall juncture, AS LONG AS the floor/wall juncture areas are kept free of food debris and particulate accumulation. If excessive accumulation is observed at future inspections, proper coving with a 3/8" radial curvature may be required to be installed.
10-17-2019 All utensils and equipment shall be fully operative, clean, and in good repair. (114115, 114175). All utensils and equipment shall be approved, installed properly, and meet applicable standards. (114130, 114130.1, 114130.2, 114130.3, 114130.4, 114130.5, 114130.6, 114132, 114133, 114137, 114139, 114143, 114153, 114155, 114163, 114165, 114167, 114169, 114172, 114175, 114177, 114180, 114182) 2.00 Equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils shall be clean to sight and touch. The food-contact surfaces of cooking equipment and pans shall be kept free of encrusted grease deposits and other debris accumulations.

Keep all food facilities, and all utensils, display cases, windows, counters, shelves, tables, refrigeration units, sinks, dishwashing machines, and other equipment or utensils used in the storage, preparation, sale, service, and display of food, clean, fully operative, and in good repair.

The non-food-contact surfaces of equipment shall be kept free of an accumulation of dust, dirt, food residue, and other debris. Equipment shall be reassembled so that food-contact surfaces are not contaminated.
(1) Observed multiple pieces of food related equipment in the renovated kitchen space that are rated for household use / not marked as rated for commercial use:
(a) First Amana household refrigerator / freezer
(b) Second Amana household refrigerator / freezer
(c) Upright Amana freezer
(d) Panasonic microwave
Remove or replace all non commercially rated equipment. All new and replacement food-related and utensil-related equipment shall be certified or classified for sanitation by an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited certification program / approved for commercial use. Submit specification sheets for new equipment items to MCDEH for review and approval **PRIOR** to purchase / installation of replacement equipment pieces. Replace household grade equipment items within 120 days (before 3/1/20).

(2) Observed storage shelves below plastic bins are unsealed particle board. Also observed shelf material where clean dishes are being stored are terry cloth covered, unsealed particle board. Remove, repair, or replace all food contact and / or storage surfaces for food and utensil items such that they are smooth, easily cleanable, non porous, and meet a commercial grade standard. Do not store clean dishes in direct contact with porous surfaces (such as particle board or terry cloth towels).