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DetailFacilityCurrent RatingLast Inspection DateCityAddress
Detail33 Drive-Up Market Good 2/7/2019Gustine335 4th St.
Detail4 Stop Deli-Market Satisfactory 12/27/2019Le Grand8979 E. Le Grand Road
Detail5 Star Food & Mart Satisfactory 5/13/2019Delhi15406 August Ave.
Detail51 Fifty Apparel Store Good 5/7/2019Livingston436 Second St.
Detail7 Eleven 37949A Satisfactory 2/6/2020Merced1975 E. Childs Ave.
Detail7 Eleven Store #2368-39548 B Satisfactory 1/23/2019Delhi9510 Stephens St.
Detail7-Eleven #2368-14110 G Satisfactory 4/19/2019Merced77 E. Olive Ave.
Detail7-Eleven 22736G Good 10/7/2019Los Banos603 Pacheco Blvd #A
Detail7-Eleven 2368-36437A Satisfactory 6/10/2019Atwater1507 Bell Dr.
Detail7-Eleven 38704A Good 9/21/2020Los Banos390 N. Mercey Springs Road
Detail7-ELEVEN INC. STORE #37970 Good 3/15/2019Atwater100 E Bellevue Rd
Detail7-ELEVEN STORE #16459 Satisfactory 6/4/2019Merced 2255 E. Gerard Ave.
Detail7-Eleven Store #37974 Good 2/25/2019Merced1107 W. Olive Ave.
Detail89 Cent Plus Store Satisfactory 1/7/2020Atwater1485 Broadway Ave
Detail98 Cents Mostly Satisfactory 10/21/2019Livingston1471 B St. Ste J
Detail99 Cents Only Stores #151 Satisfactory 2/11/2019Merced1111 W Olive Ave
Detail99 Cents Only Stores #292 Satisfactory 12/4/2019Atwater1870 Bellevue Rd
Detail99 Cents Only Stores #441 Satisfactory 1/29/2019Los Banos1209 W Pacheco Blvd
DetailA & M Market Satisfactory 10/21/2019Merced402 W 23rd St
DetailA Reyes Elementary School Good 5/28/2020Merced123 N St
DetailA1 Step & Save Good 5/17/2019Los Banos403 N. Mercey Springs Road
DetailAbby's Diner Unsatisfactory 2/4/2020Dos Palos Y16447 S. Elgin Ave.
DetailAces and Kings Cheesesteaks Satisfactory 8/27/2019Merced439 W. Main St.
DetailACS Mini Market Good 7/5/2019Merced3851 N Hwy 59
DetailAda Givens School Good 10/1/2020Merced2900 Green St.
DetailAdel's Mini Mart Satisfactory 10/17/2019Merced331 S. Highway 59
DetailAdel's Snacks & More Satisfactory 8/21/2019Merced1730 E. 21st St.
DetailAdelgase Satisfactory 2/27/2019Atwater521 Bellevue Road
DetailAFC Sushi @ Raley's #309 Good 9/27/2019Merced3550 N. G St.
DetailAg Link / Tri-Tipery Good 4/5/2019Ballico11359 N. Newport Road
DetailAgaves Mexican Grill Satisfactory 12/10/2018Merced731 E. Yosemite Ave. Ste D
DetailAged to Perfection Good 5/8/2019Gustine351 Fifth St.
DetailAguilar's Fruit Bar & Ice Cream Good 8/21/2019Atwater1129 W Bellevue Rd
DetailAileen Colburn School Good 7/28/2020Atwater2201 Heller St
DetailAjua! Restaurant Good 7/14/2020Los Banos1041 E. Pacheco Blvd
DetailAlfredo's Taqueria y Panaderia Satisfactory 11/21/2018Winton6963 N. Winton Way
DetailAlibertos Jr Mexican Food Inc Satisfactory 9/2/2020Santa Nella12754 S. Hwy 33
DetailAlmond Tree Restaurant Good 2/26/2019Atwater1490 Sycamore Ave.
DetailAmar Grocery Market Good 3/21/2019Merced1277 V St. Ste D
DetailAmerica's Best Inn & Suites Satisfactory 3/21/2019Merced1199 Motel Dr.
DetailAmerica's Best Value/Relax Inn Good 10/9/2019Los Banos330 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailAmerican Legion Post #83 Satisfactory 5/9/2019Merced939 W Main St.
DetailAmigos Market Good 4/1/2019Livingston1441 Crowell St.
DetailAmigos Mini Mart Satisfactory 5/7/2019Merced645 W. 11th St.
DetailAnberry Health Care - NPN Satisfactory 3/18/2019Atwater1685 Shaffer Rd
DetailAnberry Transitional Care Good 2/1/2019Merced1000 W. Yosemite Ave.
DetailAnglers Edge Market LLC Good 1/17/2020Snelling6710 Merced Falls Road
DetailAntojitos Mexicanos Satisfactory 4/10/2019Santa Nella13289 Hwy 33
DetailApplebee's Satisfactory 4/10/2019Merced1734 W. Olive Ave.
DetailApplebee's Restaurant Satisfactory 4/2/2019Atwater820 Commerce Ave.
DetailApplegate Chevron Food Mart Satisfactory 3/7/2019Atwater1500 Sycamore Ave
DetailApplegate Market Satisfactory 1/14/2020Atwater1044 N. Applegate Road
DetailApricot Hill Fruit Stand Satisfactory 10/10/2019Santa NellaW Hwy 152 & Hilldale
DetailAqua Entertainment Center Good 3/11/2019Los Banos923 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailARCO 00237 Satisfactory 3/22/2019Merced1625 McSwain Road
DetailArco 82723 Satisfactory 11/21/2019Merced3100 G St
DetailArco Am/Pm Satisfactory 1/14/2020Atwater1615 Bell Dr.
DetailArco AM/PM/Pennywise Travel Center Satisfactory 1/30/2019Santa Nella12185 State highway 33
DetailARCO ampm Good 2/22/2019Merced2070 E. Childs Ave.
DetailASC Banquet Hall Good 5/30/2019Atwater168 E. Broadway Ave.
DetailASIP Coffee Roasters Good 11/14/2018Merced425 W. Main St. Ste H
DetailAtwater Baskin Robbins Satisfactory 9/26/2019Atwater1607 Bellevue Road
DetailAtwater Circle-K F Satisfactory 11/21/2019Atwater1619 Sycamore Ave
DetailAtwater Mini Mart Good 2/22/2019Atwater1198 Winton Way
DetailAtwater School Dis. Good 7/28/2020Atwater1601 Grove St
DetailAtwater Sushi Good 6/19/2020Atwater1601 Bellevue Rd
DetailAtwater Valley Community School Good 5/3/2019Atwater1800 Matthew Ave.
DetailAutomatic Coffee Service Good 2/7/2020Merced2500 Cooper Ave.
DetailAutomatic Coffee Service Good 2/7/2020Merced2115 W. Wardrobe Ave.
DetailAutoMatic Coffee Service Inc Good 2/7/2020Atwater1920 Customer Care Way
DetailAzusa Market Satisfactory 12/30/2019Dos Palos8060 W Azusa Rd
DetailB.P.O.E. Merced Lodge # 1240 Satisfactory 12/4/2018Merced1910 M St
DetailBaby Shop #6 Good 12/19/2019Merced1225 W. Main St.
DetailBaby's First Steps Nutrition Satisfactory 10/11/2019Dos Palos1828 Blossom St.
DetailBaby's Nutrition #6 Good 6/12/2019Los Banos30 W. G St. Ste C
DetailBagel Tyme Satisfactory 11/19/2019Merced3040 Park Ave. # D
DetailBallico Mom & Pops Mini Mart & Taqueria Satisfactory 3/11/2019Ballico11242 Ballico Ave
DetailBallico School Good 5/1/2020Ballico11818 Gregg Ave
DetailBangkok Thai Restaurant Good 9/27/2019Merced235 A W. Main St.
DetailBar B Q Pit Good 1/24/2019Merced1720 G St.
DetailBarnes & Noble Booksellers Inc Good 6/27/2019Merced1720 W. Olive Ave.
DetailBases Loaded - Joe Herb Park Satisfactory 6/17/2019Merced2200 Yosemite Pkwy
DetailBaskin-Robbins Satisfactory 5/1/2019Los Banos325 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailBaskin-Robbins #2030 Good 12/16/2019Merced293 Merced Mall
DetailBella Luna Bistro & Bar Satisfactory 1/17/2020Merced350 W Main St.
DetailBella Nita's Unsatisfactory 2/4/2020Atwater2684 Shaffer Road
DetailBellevue Bowl Satisfactory 1/15/2019Atwater785 Bellevue Rd
DetailBellevue School Good 7/28/2020Atwater1020 E. Bellevue Rd
DetailBernie's Liquors Good 5/7/2019Merced2232 G St.
DetailBest Buy Market Good 5/2/2019Merced1220 W. 9th St
DetailBest Western Andersen's Inn Satisfactory 10/17/2019Santa Nella12367 S Hwy 33
DetailBest Western Inn Good 6/24/2019Merced1033 Motel Dr.
DetailBest Western-Executive Inn Good 10/9/2019Los Banos301 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailBi-Rite Liquors Satisfactory 6/25/2019Merced1103 Martin Luther King Jr Way
DetailBig Lots Merced #4283 Satisfactory 5/16/2019Merced665 Fairfield Dr.
DetailBiggins Texas BBQ Good 6/30/2020Los Banos639 9th St.
DetailBiggins Texas BBQ Commissary Good 7/2/2019Los Banos1031 Iowa Ave.
DetailBlack Bear Diner Good 12/10/2018Los Banos955 W Pacheco Blvd
DetailBlack Bear Diner Good 11/13/2019Merced1435 V St.
DetailBlaker Brewing the Tarmac Good 12/19/2019Atwater1930 Airdrome Entry
DetailBlaze Pizza Satisfactory 12/3/2018Los Banos1335 W. Pacheco Blvd Ste B
DetailBobbi's Food Corner Good 3/10/2020Atwater1401 Atwater Blvd
DetailBody Shak Nutrition & Tanning Good 11/21/2018Merced2949 G St.
DetailBoland's Market Satisfactory 12/5/2019Snelling15904 N. Highway 59
DetailBorrelli's Market Good 2/5/2019Gustine602 Jensen Road
DetailBoys & Girls Club of Merced Satisfactory 7/12/2019Merced615 W. 15th St.
DetailBP - Arco Service Station Good 9/18/2020Atwater1901 Buhach Road
DetailBranding Iron Satisfactory 1/10/2019Merced640 W 16th St
DetailBroadway Market Satisfactory 10/8/2019Planada9345 E. Broadway
DetailBrock Enterprises, Inc. - (Dippin Dots) Good 2/27/2020Merced851 W. Olive Ave.
DetailBrooks Ranch Satisfactory 4/3/2019Atwater975 Bellevue Rd
DetailBrothers Food Mart Satisfactory 3/29/2019Livingston690 Hammatt Ave
DetailBrothers Royal Crown Good 2/28/2020Atwater2689 N. Buhach Road
DetailBryant Middle School Good 6/4/2020Dos Palos16695 N. Bryant Ave.
DetailBuchanan Hollow Nut Co. (Food) Good 11/12/2019Le Grand6510 Minturn
DetailBuckhorn's (aka Country Pride) @ Travel Centers of America Satisfactory 10/24/2018Santa Nella12310 S. Hwy 33
DetailBud's Place Good 8/19/2019Snelling15897 N Hwy 59
DetailBurger King Good 1/25/2019Livingston435 Winton Pkwy
DetailBurger King #16899 Good 5/7/2019Merced1965 E. Childs Ave.
DetailBurger King #1878 Good 9/24/2019Merced555 W. Olive Ave.
DetailBurger King #2671 Satisfactory 5/29/2019Los Banos525 Pacheco Blvd
DetailBurger King 9961 Satisfactory 4/23/2019Atwater2721 Winton Way
DetailBurger Time Good 2/22/2019Merced661 W. 16th St.
DetailButch's Drive-In Good 2/8/2019Dos Palos2625 Blossom St
DetailBuy and Bye Market Satisfactory 6/19/2019Merced1108 G St
DetailBuy N Save Market Good 1/14/2019Los Banos225 7th St
DetailCalifornia Dairies Inc. Good 7/18/2019Los Banos1160 G St.
DetailCalifornia Del Sur-Commissary Good 10/10/2019Los Banos150 W. G St. Ste B
DetailCalifornia Liquors Satisfactory 9/3/2019Merced1122 R St
DetailCalifornia Motel, LLC Good 6/4/2020Merced205 E. 16th St.
DetailCamaron Pelao N Peel & Eat Good 6/4/2019Atwater1301 Winton Way
DetailCampus Cafe Good 2/27/2020Merced3600 M St.
DetailCampus Park School Good 2/25/2020Livingston1845 H St
DetailCanteen Food & Vending - Gallo Good 3/8/2019Livingston18000 W. River Road
DetailCanteen Food & Vending - HC Good 3/1/2019Hilmar9001 N. Lander Ave.
DetailCanteen Food & Vending - HCC (Canteen of Fresno) Good 3/13/2020Hilmar9001 N. Lander Ave.
DetailCanteen Food & Vending - Mercy Medical Good 3/13/2020Merced333 Mercy Ave.
DetailCardenas Markets #223 Satisfactory 11/15/2019Merced1136 W. Main St.
DetailCarl's Jr Restaurant #1713 Satisfactory 9/12/2019Los Banos1941 E. Pacheco Blvd
DetailCarl's Jr Restaurant #7581 Good 2/19/2019Livingston443 Joseph Gallo Ct.
DetailCarl's Jr Restaurant #7759 Good 3/12/2019Atwater1600 Bell Lane
DetailCarl's Jr. #238 Good 1/16/2019Merced1400 V St.
DetailCarl's Jr. #597 Good 10/2/2019Merced300 W Olive Ave.
DetailCarl's Jr. #775 Good 4/19/2019Santa Nella12260 S Hwy 33
DetailCarl's Jr. Restaurant #649 Good 9/23/2019Los Banos1551 W Pacheco Blvd
DetailCarniceria 3 Hermanos Satisfactory 7/18/2019Merced1055 W. Childs Ave.
DetailCarniceria El Cerrito Satisfactory 2/27/2019Atwater1155 Bellevue Road
DetailCarniceria El Guero Good 10/10/2019Merced1122 R St.
DetailCarniceria La Mexicana Satisfactory 3/12/2019Atwater1827 Atwater Blvd
DetailCarniceria La Rosita Good 2/22/2019Delhi10055 N Vincent Road
DetailCarniceria La Vaquita Good 1/31/2020Merced1103 MLK Jr Way
DetailCarniceria Los 3 Toros Good 5/15/2020Merced45 E. 16th St.
DetailCarniceria Los Cerritos Satisfactory 6/25/2019Merced235 E. 12th St. Ste I
DetailCarniceria Mi Rancho Satisfactory 1/18/2019Winton6982 Winton Way
DetailCarniceria Rio Grande Satisfactory 4/2/2019Merced1220 W. 9th St.
DetailCarniceria Superior Good 12/7/2018Merced1725 W. Hwy 140
DetailCarnitas Barajas Inc Satisfactory 12/27/2019Planada9184 E. Hwy 140
DetailCarnitas Michoacan Good 11/22/2019Merced1540 Yosemite Pkwy
DetailCasino Merced Satisfactory 7/18/2019Merced1459 Martin Luther King Jr Way Ste 4,5,6
DetailCattlemen's Restaurant Satisfactory 2/10/2020Dos Palos16575 S. Hwy 33
DetailCecilia's at State Market Satisfactory 5/14/2019Dos Palos2649 Blossom St.
DetailCecilia's Market Unsatisfactory 3/6/2020Los Banos455 H St.
DetailCencal Subs, DBA Subway Good 5/8/2019Merced707 Merced Mall
DetailCentral Gas Winton Satisfactory 9/21/2020Winton6756 N Winton Way
DetailCentro Bienestar Good 10/8/2019Los Banos888-C 4th St.
DetailCentury Chevron #359664 Satisfactory 2/28/2020Merced655 E Main St
DetailCentury Chevron #92388 Satisfactory 11/9/2018Merced1970 E Childs Ave
DetailCesar Chavez Middle School Good 5/21/2019Planada161 S. Plainsburg Road
DetailCG Hospitality Group, Inc, dba:Round Table Pizza Satisfactory 10/11/2019Merced1728 W. Olive Ave.
DetailChampion Grill Buffet Unsatisfactory 2/27/2020Merced475 W. Olive Ave.
DetailChangarrito Villa de Etla Good 5/24/2019Merced235 W. 12th St. Ste I
DetailChangarrito Villa de Etla Good 3/16/2020Merced850 W. Main St. Ste A
DetailCharles Wright School Good 7/28/2020Merced900 E 20th St
DetailCharleston School Good 5/21/2019Los Banos18463 W. Charleston Road
DetailChenoweth Elementary School Good 7/28/2020Merced3200 Parsons
DetailChevron #2 Good 10/22/2019Gustine32923 Sullivan Road
DetailChevron Mini-Mart Good 3/8/2019Gustine430 First Ave.
DetailCHEVRON STATION #208575 Good 2/19/2019Livingston381 Joseph Gallo Dr
DetailCHEVRON STATION #92513 Good 1/16/2019Santa Nella12801 S HWY 33
DetailChicago's Pizza With a Twist Satisfactory 10/7/2019Livingston1471 B St. Ste B
DetailChili's Grill and Bar Satisfactory 5/29/2019Los Banos1905 E. Pacheco Blvd
DetailChill Zone Good 7/15/2019Dos Palos1520 Center Ave.
DetailChina #1 Buffet Satisfactory 7/15/2019Los Banos1313 E. Pacheco Blvd Ste A
DetailChina Caff Satisfactory 12/13/2018Merced2840 G St.
DetailChina Garden Satisfactory 3/29/2019Livingston1472 B St. Ste G
DetailChina Garden Restaurant Satisfactory 1/2/2019Los Banos829 W Pacheco Blvd
DetailChina House Satisfactory 3/18/2020Atwater1440 Broadway Ave.
DetailChinese Kitchen Good 5/23/2019Atwater1851 Bellevue Road
DetailChipotle Mexican Grill #1954 Good 4/1/2019Merced3110 R St. Ste A
DetailChiquita's Mexican American Restaurant Good 9/2/2020Merced2015 E. Childs Ave.
DetailChoice Food Market Good 1/7/2020Merced836 T St.
DetailChristian Life Center Satisfactory 8/22/2019Merced650 E. Olive Ave.
DetailCigarette & Cigars Satisfactory 2/7/2020Merced3528 G St.
DetailCigarettes & Snacks Good 5/14/2019Merced1242 W. Olive Ave.
DetailCircle G Mini Mart Satisfactory 9/30/2019Merced3250 N G St E
DetailCircle K #712 Satisfactory 7/15/2019Los Banos547 W. I St.
DetailCircle K Site #2706068 Satisfactory 11/4/2019Los Banos410 N. Mercy Springs Road
DetailCircle K Store #2703621 Satisfactory 7/19/2019Los Banos1704 E Pacheco Blvd
DetailCircle K Store #2705017 Satisfactory 1/30/2020Dos Palos2549 Blossom St.
DetailCircle K Store #2705018 Satisfactory 3/26/2019Atwater1021 Shaffer Rd
DetailCircle R Mini Mart Satisfactory 1/16/2019Merced1210 R St.
DetailCity of Gustine Aquatics Center Good 10/23/2019Gustine699 Third Ave.
DetailClub Mercedes Inc. Good 7/5/2019Merced569 W 9th St
DetailCoconut Cafe Good 8/31/2020Merced3368 N. Hwy 59 Ste N
DetailCoffee Bandits Satisfactory 2/19/2019Merced309 W. Main St.
DetailColdstone Creamery Good 6/27/2019Merced431 W. Main St.
DetailConchita's Panaderia Satisfactory 4/15/2019Atwater1054 Third St
DetailCorbin Cash Spirits Good 4/5/2019Atwater3133 Hull Road
DetailCorner Market & Deli Satisfactory 11/18/2019Stevinson20015 W. Third Ave.
DetailCostco Warehouse (Break Room) Good 7/2/2020Merced1445 R St.
DetailCostco Wholesale #142 Satisfactory 6/3/2019Merced1445 R St.
DetailCottonwood Liquors Satisfactory 5/13/2020Delhi9893 Stephens St.
DetailCountry Villa Merced Behavioral Health Center Good 1/22/2019Merced1255 B St.
DetailCountry Waffles Satisfactory 11/1/2019Los Banos845 W Pacheco Blvd
DetailCountry Waffles #928 Good 7/5/2019Merced1794 W. Olive Ave.
DetailCourtyard by Marriott Satisfactory 6/14/2019Merced750 Motel Dr.
DetailCourtyard Mimosas, LLC Good 5/20/2020Los Banos245 W. Pacheco Blvd Ste. A & B
DetailCovas Great American Food Satisfactory 2/21/2019Merced2000 E. Childs Ave.
DetailCozy Corner Tavern (AKA Livingston Property) Good 10/15/2020Livingston5021 N. Lincoln Blvd
DetailCreekside Junior High Good 12/17/2019Los Banos1401 Prairie Springs Road
DetailCressey School Good 5/23/2019Cressey9921 Crocker St
DetailCressey Store Satisfactory 12/18/2018Cressey9074 N. Santa Fe Dr.
DetailCruickshank Middle School Good 7/28/2020Merced601 Mercy Dr.
DetailCuevas Distributing Satisfactory 5/8/2019Atwater3500 Atwater Blvd
DetailCutija Taco Shop Good 11/7/2019Los Banos5 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailCVOC (Food Site) Satisfactory 12/11/2018Winton6838 Bridget Ct.
DetailCVS Pharmacy #10360 Good 5/28/2019Livingston474 Winton Pkwy
DetailCVS Pharmacy #3117 Satisfactory 8/21/2019Atwater1651 Bellevue Rd
DetailCVS Pharmacy #7206 Satisfactory 12/11/2018Merced1970 Yosemite Pkwy
DetailCVS Pharmacy #9623 Satisfactory 3/8/2019Merced649 W. Olive Ave.
DetailDanielson Pre-School Good 2/11/2020Merced1235 N St.
DetailDays Inn Good 10/15/2019Merced1215 R St.
DetailDe La Calle! Good 9/21/2020Los Banos546 I St.
DetailDel Taco Satisfactory 2/28/2019Santa Nella29025 W Plaza Dr
DetailDel Taco Satisfactory 10/1/2019Merced1798 W. Olive Ave.
DetailDel Toro Market Satisfactory 4/2/2019Winton7516 Shaffer Road
DetailDelhi Educational Park-Phase I Good 12/4/2018Delhi16881 Schendel Ave.
DetailDelhi Gas & Liquor Good 4/15/2019Delhi9772 Stephens St
DetailDelhi Liquor Land Good 6/18/2019Delhi9917 Stephens St.
DetailDeli Delicious Good 11/8/2019Los Banos1380 E. Pacheco Blvd Ste B
DetailDeli Delicious Satisfactory 1/14/2019Atwater1321 Commerce Ave.
DetailDeli-Delicious Good 1/8/2019Merced570 W. Olive Ave.
DetailDelicias Las Palmas Taqueria & Mariscos Good 1/23/2020Los Banos502 Pacheco Blvd
DetailDenny's #7098 Satisfactory 3/5/2019Atwater1601 Sycamore Ave.
DetailDenny's #8075 Satisfactory 6/4/2019Los Banos1491 W Pacheco Blvd
DetailDenny's Restaurant #6217 Satisfactory 5/20/2019Merced1128 W. 13th St.
DetailDestino's Satisfactory 11/27/2018Merced460 W. Main St.
DetailDevika Inc dba: Denny's 8791 Good 4/10/2019Santa Nella12820 S Hwy 33
DetailDickey's Barbecue Pit Restaurant Good 2/14/2020Merced1459 Martin Luther King, Jr Way Ste 1/2
DetailDiscount Liquor Satisfactory 9/19/2019Dos Palos1601 Center Ave.
DetailDiscount Store Good 5/21/2019Dos Palos1427 Center Ave.
DetailDollar City (and More) Good 4/15/2019Delhi16385 Schendel Ave. Ste D & E
DetailDollar City (and More) Satisfactory 12/26/2018Winton6991 N. Winton Way
DetailDollar General # 14670 Good 1/23/2019Delhi9840 Stephens St
DetailDOLLAR GENERAL #13121 Satisfactory 1/18/2019Winton6810 Winton Way
DetailDollar General #13358 Satisfactory 2/8/2019Merced1729 W. State Highway 140
DetailDollar General #13400 Satisfactory 5/6/2019Hilmar7970 Lander Ave. # N
DetailDollar General #13437 Satisfactory 11/25/2019Dos Palos1111 Elgin Ave.
DetailDollar General #13697 Satisfactory 8/12/2019Los Banos485 N. Mercey Springs Road
DetailDOLLAR GENERAL #14684 Good 4/1/2019Livingston323 N Main St
DetailDOLLAR GENERAL #14723 Satisfactory 4/10/2019Gustine1520 Meredith Ave
DetailDollar General #15268 Good 9/24/2019Planada490 N. Plainsburg Rd
DetailDollar Mart Good 5/7/2019Livingston549 Main St.
DetailDollar Tree #01222 Good 12/2/2019Merced1115 W. Main St.
DetailDollar Tree #01256 Satisfactory 5/29/2019Los Banos1423 W Pacheco Blvd
DetailDollar Tree #03259 Satisfactory 3/26/2019Atwater500 E Bellevue Rd
DetailDollar Tree #04770 Satisfactory 3/5/2019Atwater1261 Commerce Ave. Ste B
DetailDollar Tree #05877 Satisfactory 1/24/2019Delhi16231 King St
DetailDollar Tree #06389 Good 12/2/2019Merced3142 G St. Ste 3
DetailDollar Tree #06669 Satisfactory 6/18/2019Los Banos2120 E Pacheco Blvd
DetailDollar Tree #08582 Good 8/3/2020Merced1778 W. Olive Ave.
DetailDomino's #7946 Good 8/27/2020Atwater800 Commerce Ave.
DetailDomino's Pizza Good 10/2/2019Merced3040 Park Ave. Ste E1
DetailDomino's Pizza Satisfactory 3/22/2019Atwater510 E. Bellevue Road
DetailDomino's Pizza Good 4/15/2020Merced1105 W. Main St.
DetailDominos Pizza Satisfactory 5/31/2019Los Banos2220 E. Pacheco Blvd Ste A
DetailDon Mario Taco Shop Satisfactory 2/1/2019Merced801 Martin Luther King Jr Way
DetailDon Stowell Elementary School Good 6/5/2020Merced251 E. 11th St.
DetailDonut King's Good 4/12/2019Merced260 W. Main St.
DetailDonut Nation Satisfactory 3/8/2019Los Banos1255 E. Pacheco Blvd
DetailDos Palos Chevron Good 1/30/2020Dos Palos16150 Elgin Road
DetailDos Palos Donuts Good 11/12/2019Dos Palos2101 Blossom St.
DetailDos Palos Elementary Campus Good 6/4/2020Dos Palos2149 Almond St.
DetailDos Palos High School Good 6/4/2020Dos Palos1701 E Blossom St
DetailDos Palos High School Pool Good 6/16/2020Dos Palos1701 E. Blossom St.
DetailDos Palos Mart, LLC Satisfactory 9/13/2019Dos Palos2309 Blossom St
DetailDoyle Inc (a.k.a Kentucky Fried Chicken / A&W) Satisfactory 7/11/2019Los Banos748 W Pacheco Blvd
DetailDulceria La Fiesta Good 2/7/2020Los Banos623 H St.
DetailDutch Bros Coffee Good 2/14/2020Merced2005 Childs Ave.
DetailEddie's Cafe Good 12/18/2019Los Banos401 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailEl Asadero Taco Shop Satisfactory 9/27/2019Merced3532 N G St
DetailEl Campesinos Restaurant & Bar Good 3/19/2019Los Banos1639 E. Pacheco Blvd
DetailEl Campo Market Satisfactory 10/8/2019Planada8973 E Hwy 140
DetailEl Capitan School Good 12/4/2018Delhi10115 Fifth St
DetailEl Galeron De Carnitas Good 2/13/2019Dos Palos1524 Center Ave.
DetailEl Gallito Bakery Satisfactory 2/13/2020Planada9236 Stanford Ave.
DetailEl Grullense Jal Good 10/8/2019Los Banos1024 Pacheco Blvd
DetailEl Grullense Jal #4 Good 8/30/2019Los Banos2053 E. Pacheco Blvd
DetailEl Michoacano Satisfactory 10/18/2019Los Banos2160 E. Pacheco Blvd Ste A
DetailEl Nido Elementary School Good 5/22/2020El Nido161 E. El Nido Road
DetailEl Noa Noa Good 7/5/2019Winton6924 N. Winton Way
DetailEl Palacio Night Club Good 11/8/2019Merced224 W. Main St.
DetailEl Palmar Taqueria Express Good 10/15/2019Merced3144 G St. Ste 145
DetailEl Picosito Mexican Grill Satisfactory 10/23/2019Gustine479 5th St.
DetailEl Pollo Loco #3424 Good 3/11/2019Merced613 W Olive Ave.
DetailEl Porvenir Grocery Satisfactory 6/17/2019Merced864 W. 13th St.
DetailEl Rancho Market Satisfactory 4/8/2019Delhi9735 N. Stephens St.
DetailEl Tarasco Bravo Good 11/19/2019Dos Palos1645 Center Ave.
DetailEl Tlahualil Satisfactory 8/9/2019Merced1277 V St. Ste A
DetailElegant Bull Satisfactory 1/23/2019Delhi9666 Stephens St.
DetailElim Elementary School Good 12/16/2019Hilmar7677 N Lander Ave
DetailElmer Wood Elementary Good 7/28/2020Atwater1271 Bellevue Rd
DetailEltareb Market #2 Good 4/11/2019Merced1504 Stretch Rd
DetailEltareb Market #3 Good 3/29/2019Merced561 W. 8th St.
DetailEm-Tea Good 2/3/2020Merced3570 G St.
DetailEnergy & Fitness 91 Satisfactory 2/6/2020Merced1950 Yosemite Pkwy Ste B
DetailEscuela Popular Instituto de Cesar Chavez (EPIC) Good 10/1/2020Merced561 18th St. Ste D
DetailEscuela Popular Instituto de Cesar Chavez (EPIC) Good 10/1/2020Atwater1214 Third St.
DetailEspana's Southwest Bar and Grill Good 10/25/2018Los Banos1460 E. Pacheco Blvd
DetailEvergreen Nutrition Good 8/14/2019Los Banos25 W. Pacheco Blvd A
DetailFail's Donut & Mini Mart Good 11/7/2018Hilmar8414 Lander Ave.
DetailFamily Dollar Good 1/16/2019Atwater451 Bellevue Road
DetailFamily Dollar Good 10/28/2019Dos Palos1919 Almond Ave.
DetailFamily Dollar Store #10805 Satisfactory 4/3/2019Merced398 W 16th St
DetailFamily Dollar Store #11163 Good 1/23/2020Merced1715 Yosemite Pkwy
DetailFamily Market Satisfactory 5/6/2019Hilmar7543 Lander Ave.
DetailFarmdale Elementary School Good 5/10/2019Merced100 Winder Ave.
DetailFarmers Quick Stop Good 9/9/2019Dos Palos17017 N. Brannon Ave.
DetailFast Mart Good 4/11/2019Merced2030 Yosemite Pkwy
DetailFast n Esy #12 Corporation Good 2/13/2020Atwater2775 Winton Way
DetailFastnEsy #27 Satisfactory 4/12/2019Merced1720 R St.
DetailFiesta Mexicana Good 1/11/2019Merced530 W. 16th St. Ste E
DetailFiesta Supermarket Satisfactory 4/1/2019Livingston344 Main St.
DetailFirebaugh Travel Plaza Satisfactory 11/1/2019Firebaugh15838 Paul Negra Road
DetailFive Guys Burgers & Fries Satisfactory 10/15/2019Merced3572 G St.
DetailFive Rivers Satisfactory 4/26/2019Livingston2295 F St.
DetailFive Ten Bistro / After 5 Satisfactory 11/22/2019Merced510 W. Main St.
DetailFlicks & Licks Good 12/19/2018Delhi16385 W Schendel Ave. # G
DetailFood 4 Less - Atwater Good 10/9/2019Atwater2840 Shaffer Road
DetailFood 4 Less - Merced Satisfactory 3/11/2019Merced1115 W Olive Ave
DetailFood Maxx #487 Satisfactory 5/6/2019Merced1300 W. Olive Ave.
DetailForebay Chevron Satisfactory 5/8/2019Santa Nella28960 Gonzaga Rd
DetailFortuna's Tortilla Factory Good 3/12/2019Livingston1425 C St.
DetailFoster Farms Restaurant Satisfactory 10/7/2019Livingston221 Stefani Ave.
DetailFoster Freeze Good 2/27/2019Atwater1401 Winton Way
DetailFoster's Freeze Satisfactory 11/20/2019Los Banos906 E. Pacheco Blvd
DetailFranciscan Convalescent Hosp. Good 1/22/2019Merced3169 M St
DetailFrank Sparkes Good 6/30/2020Winton7265 W Almond Ave
DetailFranklin School Good 7/28/2020Merced2736 N Franklin Rd
DetailFreddy's Kitchen Torteria Satisfactory 2/6/2019Atwater1500 Sycamore Ave.
DetailFresh Fill/Chevron Service Station Satisfactory 3/12/2019Los Banos2270 E. Pacheco Blvd
DetailFreya Foods International Inc Good 9/19/2019Gustine436 5th St.
DetailFrosty King Good 5/17/2019Delhi9510 Stephens St. Ste B
DetailFrozen World Good 3/22/2019Merced779 E. Yosemite Ave. Ste E
DetailFruitland Christian Preschool Good 5/7/2019Atwater2100 Fruitland Ave.
DetailFruits of Life/Aguilar Ranch Produce Satisfactory 3/22/2019Stevinson20151 W. Hwy 140
DetailFruta Loca Good 1/23/2019Merced3146 N. G St. Ste 106
DetailFruta Tropical Good 3/18/2020Livingston1439 Crowell St.
DetailFrutas Express Good 10/4/2019Merced206 Merced Mall
DetailFusion Cafe Good 6/30/2020Merced900 Loughborough Dr. Ste E
DetailG & B Liquor Satisfactory 9/24/2019Planada9135 E. Hwy 140
DetailGabes Bar Good 11/30/2018Merced1636 Martin Luther King Jr Way
DetailGateway Pizza N Subs Good 8/29/2019Merced1220 V St.
DetailGene-o's Pizza Satisfactory 3/25/2019Livingston307 N. Main St.
DetailGeneral Nutrition # 137 Good 12/16/2019Merced360 Merced Mall
DetailGeneral Nutrition Centers (GNC)#3284 Good 10/4/2019Los Banos1451 W. Pacheco Blvd Ste A
DetailGolden Bowl Chinese Restaurant Satisfactory 3/14/2019Merced3144 N. G St. Ste 155
DetailGoodger Shell & Food Mart, Inc. Satisfactory 5/7/2019Los Banos849 W Pacheco Blvd
DetailGrace Bishop School Good 5/24/2019Merced2025 E. Santa Fe
DetailGrace Home Inc. Good 5/28/2019Livingston13435 W Peach Ave
DetailGracey Elementary School Good 7/29/2020Merced945 West Ave
DetailGranny's Pantry Restaurant Good 4/30/2019Atwater1221 Broadway Ave
DetailGrasslands Elementary School Good 7/29/2020Los Banos1951 Mission Dr.
DetailGreat America Gas & Food Mart Satisfactory 5/7/2019Livingston1312 Court St
DetailGrocery Outlet of Merced Good 3/13/2020Merced1125 W Main St
DetailGT Smoke Shop Satisfactory 5/14/2019Atwater1641 Cedar Ave.
DetailGustine Club Good 5/21/2019Gustine431 5th St
DetailGustine Elementary School Good 7/2/2020Gustine2806 Grove Ave.
DetailGustine High School Good 7/2/2020Gustine501 North Ave
DetailGustine Middle School Good 7/2/2020Gustine28075 Sullivan Road
DetailGustine Sinclair Satisfactory 10/22/2019Gustine32932 Sullivan Rd
DetailH & W Family Drive-In Good 9/30/2019Merced121 W. 16th St.
DetailHampton Inn & Suites Merced Satisfactory 11/15/2019Merced225 S. Parsons Ave.
DetailHana Sushi & Grill Good 4/1/2020Merced9 W. Alexander Ave.
DetailHandi Stop Good 5/20/2019Merced1460 Yosemite Pkwy
DetailHandi Stop II Good 8/5/2019Merced1801 E 21st St.
DetailHangar BBQ Satisfactory 11/8/2018Merced26 Macready Dr.
DetailHao's Kitchen Good 5/24/2019Merced1500 Yosemite Pkwy
DetailHarmony Ranch Elementary School Good 12/4/2018Delhi16464 August Ave.
DetailHealth Time Good 3/4/2020Los Banos940 Main (6th) St.
DetailHealthy Lifestyle Good 3/8/2019Merced36 W. Main St.
DetailHenry Miller School Good 5/15/2019Los Banos545 W. L St.
DetailHere's the Key for a Better Health Good 2/7/2020Los Banos2160 E. Pacheco Blvd Ste E
DetailHickory Farms #13708 Good 11/21/2019MercedMerced Mall
DetailHilmar Cheese Company Good 1/15/2020Hilmar9001 N. Lander Ave.
DetailHilmar Community Pool Good 8/13/2019Hilmar7885 N. Lander Ave.
DetailHilmar High School Good 12/16/2019Hilmar7807 N Lander Ave
DetailHilmar Meat Market Good 9/24/2019Hilmar8322 N Lander Ave
DetailHilmar Middle School Cafeteria Satisfactory 12/16/2019Hilmar7528 N. Scholar Way
DetailHOBBY LOBBY Good 1/9/2020Merced1400 W. Olive Ave.
DetailHobby Lobby #740 Good 5/9/2019Los Banos1301 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailHoliday Inn Express Good 3/11/2019Merced151 S. Parsons Ave.
DetailHoliday Vending Service Good 2/13/2019Hilmar9346 N Tegner Rd
DetailHoliday Vending Service - (Sensient Natural Ingredients Location) Good 2/13/2019Livingston9984 W. Walnut Ave.
DetailHong Kong Chinese Rest Satisfactory 3/19/2019Atwater1115 Bellevue Road
DetailHong Kong Restaurant Satisfactory 10/15/2019Merced3556 N. G St.
DetailHoover Intermediate Good 10/1/2020Merced800 E 26th St
DetailHot City Barbecue & Bistro Good 9/11/2020Los Banos1313 S. 6th St.
DetailHot Rod Diner Satisfactory 2/6/2019Hilmar8155 N. Lander Ave.
DetailHotel Mission De Oro Satisfactory 5/15/2019Santa Nella13070 Hwy 33
DetailHoua Khong 2 Good 12/13/2018Merced3518 G St.
DetailHoua Khong Restaurant Satisfactory 12/28/2018Merced85 E 13th St
DetailHouse of Prayer Good 5/23/2019Merced590 Henry St.
DetailHSA Cafeteria Good 3/14/2019Merced2115 W. Wardrobe Ave.
DetailHylond Convalescent Hospital Good 11/15/2019Merced3170 M St
DetailIJ Group Entertainment Inc. dba Sugoi Sushi Satisfactory 3/15/2019Los Banos1245 E. Pacheco Blvd
DetailIn-N-Out Burger #267 Good 10/17/2019Santa Nella28900 Henry Miller Ave.
DetailIn-N-Out Burger #91 Satisfactory 11/6/2018Merced1579 Martin Luther King Jr Way
DetailIniguez Bakery Good 6/18/2019Los Banos740 W. I St.
DetailIris Garrett Juvenile Justice Complex Good 10/19/2020Merced2840 W. Sandy Mush Road
DetailIrwin High School Good 12/16/2019Hilmar20384 Geer Ave.
DetailIsabella's Restaurante Bar & Grill Satisfactory 3/21/2019Atwater2811 Shaffer Road
DetailItalo American Lodge Satisfactory 6/17/2019Merced1351 W. 18th St
DetailJ & R Tacos Good 3/20/2019Merced437 W. Main St.
DetailJ Liquor & Grocery Good 11/1/2019Livingston1471 B St. Ste C
DetailJack In The Box Good 3/8/2019Los Banos1370 E Pacheco Blvd
DetailJack In The Box Satisfactory 11/14/2019Los Banos1117 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailJack In The Box # 465 Good 7/8/2019Merced595 W. Olive Ave.
DetailJack In The Box #4351 Good 3/25/2019Livingston400 Joseph Gallo Dr.
DetailJack In The Box #580 Good 7/5/2019Merced1270 V St.
DetailJack In The Box #589 Satisfactory 2/27/2019Atwater1898 Bellevue Road
DetailJade Garden Good 5/23/2019Merced1715 W. Hwy 140 Ste C
DetailJAH, Inc d/b/a Atwater Pizza Factory Satisfactory 11/26/2019Atwater1300 Commerce Ave.
DetailJamba Juice #620 Satisfactory 6/27/2019Merced1728 W. Olive Ave.
DetailJammu & Kashmir, Inc. dba:D & S Gas and Mini Mart Satisfactory 11/6/2019Le Grand3853 S. Santa Fe Ave.
DetailJams@209 Sports Bar & Grill Good 6/10/2019Atwater591 Bellevue Rd
DetailJantz Cafe & Bakery Satisfactory 3/7/2019Atwater987 Bellevue Road
DetailJantz Cafe & Bakery Satisfactory 1/30/2020Merced3361 N. G St. Ste A
DetailJavi's Fine Mexican Food Restaurant Satisfactory 11/7/2018Hilmar8394 Lander Ave.
DetailJeff's Cuisine Good 12/23/2019Atwater1135 Bellevue Road
DetailJessi's Market Good 7/23/2019Merced110 E. 13th St.
DetailJessie's Bar Satisfactory 1/23/2020Los Banos627 I St.
DetailJesus Restaurant Satisfactory 10/21/2019Los Banos631 H St. Ste A
DetailJim's Donut & Bagels Good 6/18/2019Delhi16385 W. Schendel Ave. F
DetailJo Ann Fabric and Crafts #1788 Good 1/9/2020Merced3120 Meadow Ave.
DetailJoe Stefani Elementary School Good 6/9/2020Merced2768 Ranchero Lane
DetailJoe's Village Market Satisfactory 11/26/2019Santa Nella13193 S. Highway 33
DetailJohn C. Fremont School Good 6/22/2020Merced1220 W 22nd St
DetailJohn Erreca Vending Services Good 10/11/2019FirebaughJohn "Chuck" Erreca SRRA
DetailJohn Latorraca Correctional Facility Good 6/25/2019Merced2584 W. Sandy Mush Road
DetailJohn Muir School Good 7/28/2020Merced301 W 25th St
DetailJose Taco's Good 9/30/2019Merced3250 N G St. Ste B
DetailJosie's Lounge & Restaurant Satisfactory 2/1/2019Atwater1301 Commerce Ave.
DetailJoy of the South Good 3/5/2020Merced1513 W. Main St.
DetailJR Donuts Good 6/25/2019Atwater1838 Bellevue Road
DetailJuliana's Bakery, Inc. Satisfactory 6/12/2019Los Banos1010 Sixth St. Ste A
DetailKemp BBQ Satisfactory 1/9/2020Gustine374 Fifth St.
DetailKentucky Fried Chicken Good 11/14/2019Merced180 W Olive Ave.
DetailKentucky Fried Chicken Good 2/21/2019Atwater1395 Atwater Blvd
DetailKentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant Good 4/19/2019Merced2016 E. Childs Ave.
DetailKewl Cats Good 11/28/2018Merced1111 Motel Dr.
DetailKiddieLand @ Applegate Zoo Satisfactory 6/7/2019Merced2525 O St.
DetailKimkell Good 10/10/2019Atwater3115 Stratofortress Ave.
DetailKind Neighbor (Inside of Ravello's) Good 9/1/2020Merced560 W. 18th St.
DetailKing's Asian Cuisine Sushi & Cocktail Lounge Satisfactory 6/18/2019Merced360 W Main St.
DetailKings Food Store Satisfactory 1/15/2020Hilmar8101 Lander Ave
DetailKings View Work Experience Ctr Satisfactory 8/28/2019Atwater100 Airpark Rd
DetailKlairs Satisfactory 3/4/2019Livingston711 Main St.
DetailLa Casita Tortilla & Spice Satisfactory 10/22/2019Merced770 W 14th St
DetailLa Crema De Cotija Good 10/25/2019Merced1950 Yosemite Pkwy Unit D
DetailLa Esperanza Meat Market Good 3/22/2019Gustine331 5th St
DetailLa Esperanza Mercado Satisfactory 7/11/2019Los Banos937 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailLa Hacienda 2 Satisfactory 12/4/2018Merced3355 N. G St.
DetailLa Mexicana Deli and Meat Market Inc. Good 1/16/2019Gustine540 5th St.
DetailLa Michoacana Carniceria #2 Good 1/8/2020Los Banos820 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailLa Michoacana Icecream and Delights LLC Good 3/12/2020Los Banos1450 S. Mercey Springs Road #108
DetailLa Michoacana Market Satisfactory 6/11/2019Los Banos655 I St.
DetailLa Michoacana Market Good 5/3/2019Los Banos1005 Sixth St.
DetailLa Michoacana Panaderia and Taqueria Satisfactory 1/24/2019Delhi9810 Stephens St.
DetailLa Michoacana USA Good 7/15/2020Merced1111 W. Olive Ave. Ste B
DetailLa Morenita Market Satisfactory 11/7/2018Los Banos705 H St.
DetailLa Morenita Restaurant Satisfactory 7/26/2019Merced1352 W. 13th St.
DetailLa Morenita Restaurant #4 Satisfactory 3/28/2019Livingston242 Main St. #C
DetailLa Playa Satisfactory 4/30/2019Atwater320 Bellevue Road
DetailLa Pupusa Loca y Antojitos Mexicanos Restaurant Satisfactory 1/22/2019Los Banos651 I St.
DetailLa Quinta Inn & Suites Good 9/12/2019Los Banos20 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailLa Sierra Care Center Good 12/2/2019Merced2424 M St
DetailLa Sonrisa Bar & Grill Satisfactory 4/29/2019Winton6943 N. Winton Way
DetailLa Tiendita Good 3/4/2019Livingston1925 F St.
DetailLander Grocery & Liquor Good 11/18/2019Stevinson2799 N. Lander Ave.
DetailLas Morelianas Taqueria Satisfactory 6/18/2019Livingston1448 D St.
DetailLas Muchitas Pupuseria & Restaurant Satisfactory 9/13/2019Dos Palos2031 Blossom St.
DetailLas Palmas @ Atwater Flea Market Good 10/24/2019Atwater2877 Atwater Blvd
DetailLavender Blue Baked Goods Good 8/27/2019Merced1290 E. 22nd St.
DetailLe Grand Elementary School Good 7/23/2020Le Grand13071 E. Le Grand Road
DetailLe Grand Union High School Good 6/1/2020Le Grand12961 E. Le Grand Road
DetailLee's Community Food Market Good 8/13/2019Merced37 E. 15th St.
DetailLegends Grill & Bar Good 7/29/2020Hilmar19920 1st St.
DetailLeo's Deli Mart Satisfactory 5/21/2019Dos Palos1424 Center St.
DetailLiberty Market Satisfactory 3/11/2019Livingston1471 B St. Ste E
DetailLiberty Market Good 2/22/2019Delhi16385 W Schendel Ave.
DetailLiquor Plus Good 3/25/2019Livingston467 Winton Pkwy
DetailLittle Caesar's Pizza Satisfactory 6/27/2019Los Banos1060 Pacheco Blvd
DetailLittle Caesars Good 1/28/2019Livingston475 Winton Pkwy
DetailLittle Caesars Pizza Satisfactory 7/22/2019Merced63 E 16th St
DetailLittle Caesars Pizza Good 1/23/2020Atwater300 Bellevue Road
DetailLittle Caesars Pizza Good 10/8/2019Delhi9726 Stephens St.
DetailLittle Caesars Pizza Satisfactory 9/30/2019Merced3250 N. G St. Ste A
DetailLittle Diamond's Pizza LLC Satisfactory 11/18/2019Los Banos933 6th St. # B
DetailLittle Oven Pizza Good 12/21/2018Merced433 W. Main St.
DetailLiv. Elem. School Warehouse Good 2/26/2020Livingston922 B St.
DetailLivingston Gas and Grocery Satisfactory 9/6/2019Livingston1405 Davis St.
DetailLivingston Middle School Good 2/25/2020Livingston101 F St.
DetailLivingston Travel Center Satisfactory 1/28/2019Livingston435 Winton Pkwy
DetailLizette's Bakery Satisfactory 10/16/2019Dos Palos1529 Center Ave.
DetailLong John Silver's #32093 Satisfactory 12/27/2018Merced360 W. Olive Ave.
DetailLorena Falasco Elementary School Good 5/20/2019Los Banos310 Overland Ave.
DetailLorRonCo Foods, Inc. - DBA Paul's Place Good 11/28/2018Merced2991 N G St
DetailLos Amigos Market Good 7/18/2019Los Banos740 G St.
DetailLos Banos Abattoir Good 6/11/2019Los Banos1312 W. Highway 152
DetailLos Banos ARCO AMPM 83466 Good 7/8/2019Los Banos1550 W. Pacheco
DetailLos Banos Chevron Satisfactory 6/12/2019Los Banos1009 Pacheco Blvd
DetailLos Banos Cinemas dba Premiere Cinemas-LB Satisfactory 10/1/2019Los Banos245 Mercey Springs Road
DetailLos Banos Community Center Good 5/28/2020Los Banos645 7th St.
DetailLos Banos D E S Good 1/30/2020Los Banos1155 I St.
DetailLos Banos Donuts Satisfactory 5/31/2019Los Banos609 W Pacheco Blvd
DetailLos Banos Drug Co. Good 10/4/2019Los Banos601 J St.
DetailLos Banos Elks Lodge #2510 Good 1/8/2020Los Banos565 E St.
DetailLos Banos High School Satisfactory 5/21/2019Los Banos1966 Eleventh St.
DetailLos Banos Junior H.S Satisfactory 5/20/2019Los Banos1750 San Luis St.
DetailLos Banos Nursing & Rehabilitation Satisfactory 10/16/2019Los Banos931 Idaho Ave
DetailLos Banos PAL Snack Bar Good 10/9/2019Los Banos401 7th St.
DetailLos Banos Police Dept - Jail Good 3/29/2019Los Banos945 5th St.
DetailLos Banos Unified School District Good 5/22/2019Los Banos749 J St.
DetailLos Banos Veterans Memorial Bldg Good 9/17/2019Los Banos615 E St.
DetailLos Banos W/I-5 KOA (fka San Luis RV Resort) Good 11/4/2019Santa Nella28485 Gonzaga Road
DetailLos Gordos Catering Satisfactory 12/20/2018Winton6698 N. Winton Way
DetailLos Mexicanos Market Good 5/7/2019Delhi9751 Stephens St.
DetailLos Panchos Restaurant Satisfactory 2/6/2020Merced2971 G St.
DetailLos Reyes Taco Shop Satisfactory 2/7/2019Merced1104 W. 16th St.
DetailLove's Travel Stop #441 Satisfactory 2/28/2019Santa Nella29025 Plaza Dr.
DetailLowe's #1672 Satisfactory 12/27/2018Merced1750 W Olive Ave
DetailLucky Stars & Moon Inc,dba: Mountain Mike's Pizza Satisfactory 8/16/2019Merced1348 W Olive Ave.
DetailLucky Strike Club Good 9/12/2019Los Banos551 I St.
DetailLula's Bakery Good 4/10/2019Atwater200 Bellevue Road
DetailLupian's Mexican Restaurant Good 7/30/2019Merced802 W. 16th St.
DetailLuther Burbank School Good 6/23/2020Merced609 E. Alexander Ave.
DetailM & A Market Satisfactory 3/11/2019Merced2980 Beachwood Dr
DetailM & M Corner Mini-Mart Good 5/13/2019Delhi16490 W. Letteau Ave.
DetailM & M Italian Restaurant Satisfactory 6/25/2019Los Banos400 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailMagdaleno Ice Cream and Coffee Good 6/20/2019Dos Palos1520 Frank St.
DetailMagdaleno Palm Cafe Good 9/9/2019Dos Palos2201 Blossom St.
DetailMain Jail Facility - Sheriff's Department Good 10/4/2019Merced700 W 22nd St
DetailMain Place Stadium Cinemas Good 4/19/2019Merced403 W. Main St.
DetailMain Street Market Good 4/10/2019Santa Nella13301 Hwy 33
DetailMainzer Theater Good 6/30/2020Merced655 W. Main St.
DetailMango Crazy Inc. Good 5/22/2020Atwater2830 Shaffer Road
DetailMango Tango Good 8/15/2019Merced1794 W. Olive Ave. Ste C
DetailManley's Donuts #2 Satisfactory 9/26/2019Merced1730 R St.
DetailManna Ministries Satisfactory 10/16/2019Los Banos1031 Iowa Ave.
DetailMaria's Taco Shop #1 Satisfactory 5/28/2019Merced1750 R St
DetailMaria's Taco Shop #2 Unsatisfactory 2/6/2020Atwater350 Bellevue Road
DetailMarie's Mexican Kitchen Satisfactory 12/27/2018Merced259 W. Main St.
DetailMario's Taco Shop #1 Good 1/14/2020Merced51 W. 16th St.
DetailMariscos Cristel Satisfactory 1/22/2019Delhi10038 Vincent Road
DetailMariscos El Nacho Satisfactory 6/12/2019Merced1560 Yosemite Pkwy
DetailMarks Elementary School Good 6/4/2020Dos Palos1717 Valeria St.
DetailMarshalls #1302 Good 8/29/2019Los Banos1301 W. Pacheco Blvd Ste D
DetailMarshalls 1058 Satisfactory 3/15/2019Atwater1200 Commerce Ave
DetailMaxi-Mart Food & Liquor Satisfactory 2/6/2019Atwater1911 Atwater Blvd
DetailMcDonald's Satisfactory 2/19/2019Livingston381 Joseph Gallo Dr.
DetailMcDonald's Good 9/24/2019Atwater2720 Shaffer Road
DetailMcDonald's Good 2/14/2019Gustine430 First Ave.
DetailMcDonald's Satisfactory 6/3/2019Los Banos1500 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailMcDonald's Restaurant #32103 Satisfactory 5/8/2019MercedMerced Mall Food Court
DetailMcDonald's @ Wal-Mart Good 2/11/2019Merced3055 Loughborough Dr.
DetailMcDonald's @ Wal-Mart Satisfactory 6/11/2019Los Banos1575 W Pacheco Blvd
DetailMcDonald's Restaurant Satisfactory 7/23/2019Merced1060 W. 13th St.
DetailMcDonald's USA, LLC Unsatisfactory 2/6/2020Atwater1521 Bell Dr.
DetailMcDonalds #10150 Good 4/19/2019Merced1821 Motel Dr.
DetailMcDonalds #11744 Satisfactory 11/29/2018Los Banos1480 S Mercey Springs Road
DetailMcDonalds #1313 Good 2/19/2019Merced206 W Olive Ave.
DetailMcDonalds #17470 Satisfactory 2/4/2019Hilmar7960 N Lander Ave.
DetailMcDonalds #6853 Satisfactory 5/21/2019Santa Nella13032 S Hwy 33
DetailMCRM Senior Meals Program Satisfactory 9/22/2020Merced851 W 23rd St.
DetailMCRM Senior Meals Program Good 10/14/2020Atwater2550 Linden Ave.
DetailMCRM Senior Meals Program Good 10/16/2020Winton7069 W. Walnut Ave.
DetailMCRM Senior Meals Program Satisfactory 10/14/2020Dos Palos931 Center St.
DetailMCRM Senior Meals Program Good 11/6/2019Planada9167 Stanford Ave.
DetailMCRM Senior Meals Program Good 10/16/2020Livingston420 Main St.
DetailMCRM Senior Meals Program Good 9/4/2020Los Banos1248 Santa Barbara Dr.
DetailMcSwain Elementary School (East Campus) Satisfactory 12/12/2019Merced926 N. Scott Road
DetailMcSwain Elementary School (West Campus) Satisfactory 12/12/2019Merced785 N. Scott Road
DetailMe-N-Ed's Pizzeria #8 Satisfactory 8/12/2019Los Banos846 W Pacheco Blvd
DetailMe-N-Ed's Merced Satisfactory 10/15/2019Merced3524 G St.
DetailMel's Liquors Satisfactory 11/22/2019Merced1220 V St.
DetailMemorial Hospital Los Banos Satisfactory 3/14/2019Los Banos520 W I St
DetailMercado Latino Satisfactory 9/24/2019Planada318 Sutter St.
DetailMerced Cigarette & Groceries Good 1/28/2020Merced202 W. 18 St.
DetailMerced Circle-K F Good 11/18/2019Merced2104 G St
DetailMerced Community College District Good 12/17/2018Merced3600 M St
DetailMerced County Behavioral Health Services Los Banos Center Good 3/28/2019Los Banos40 W. G St. Ste B
DetailMerced County Food Bank Warehouse Satisfactory 3/6/2019Merced2000 W. Olive Ave.
DetailMerced Ctr for the Performing Arts Satisfactory 12/28/2018Merced452 W. Main St.
DetailMerced Elks Park Good 2/25/2020Merced3600 Wardrobe Ave.
DetailMerced Emergency Shelter Good 11/28/2018Merced317 E. 15th St.
DetailMerced First Assembly Good 5/20/2019Merced1350 Yosemite Pkwy
DetailMerced Five Star Burger Satisfactory 12/10/2018Merced1725 Yosemite Pkwy
DetailMerced Food Center Satisfactory 1/13/2020Merced1150 Martin Luther King Jr Way
DetailMerced Fruit Barn Good 6/4/2019Merced4526 E. Hwy 140
DetailMerced Fuel & Food Good 10/2/2019Merced190 W. Olive Ave
DetailMerced Golf & Country Club Good 8/22/2019Merced6333 N. Golf Road
DetailMerced Grand Buffet Satisfactory 2/27/2019Merced1121 W. Olive Ave.
DetailMerced Indoor Sports Good 2/27/2019Merced1850 Wardrobe Ave.
DetailMerced Inn and Suites Satisfactory 11/21/2018Merced2010 E. Childs Ave.
DetailMerced Liquor Grocery Satisfactory 8/21/2019Merced550 E Main St
DetailMerced Mall Chevron Food Mar Satisfactory 3/19/2019Merced1050 W. Olive Ave.
DetailMerced Nursing & Rehabilitation Satisfactory 1/14/2020Merced510 W. 26th St.
DetailMerced Quick N Save Good 4/12/2019Merced3990 E. 140 HWY
DetailMerced River Resort Good 10/8/2019Delhi7765 Campground Road
DetailMerced Speedway - Pit Area Concession Good 4/18/2019Merced900 Martin Luther King Jr Way
DetailMerced Speedway - Grandstands Concession Good 4/18/2019Merced900 Martin Luther King Jr Way
DetailMerced Transition Center Good 9/30/2019Merced333 W 18th St
DetailMerced Truck & Auto Plaza Satisfactory 6/20/2019Le Grand8040 S Ringnalda Ct
DetailMerced Union High School District Warehouse (MUHSD) Good 5/18/2020Atwater2130 Spacecraft Dr.
DetailMercey Springs Elementary School Satisfactory 12/17/2019Los Banos1900 S. Mercey Springs Road
DetailMercey Springs Produce Good 6/3/2019Los BanosI-5 & Hwy 165
DetailMercey Springs Produce #2 Satisfactory 12/3/2019Dos Palos11460 W. Hwy 152
DetailMercey Springs Shell Satisfactory 5/8/2019Los Banos24729 S Mercey Springs Rd
DetailMercy Medical Center Good 11/21/2019Merced333 Mercy Ave
DetailMercy Outpatient Center Good 11/15/2019Merced2740 M St
DetailMerquin Elementary School Good 1/9/2020Stevinson20316 W 3rd Ave.
DetailMG Bakery Good 5/1/2019Gustine597 5th St.
DetailMi Casa Restaurant Unsatisfactory 2/26/2020Livingston1236 Crowell St.
DetailMi Lindo Apatzingan Good 6/13/2019Winton6984 N. Winton Way
DetailMi Restaurante Bar & Grill (Mariscos Costa Alegre) Satisfactory 12/19/2019Atwater1857 Bellevue Road
DetailMikalino's Pizza & Pasta Satisfactory 7/9/2019Dos Palos2317 Blossom St.
DetailMimus Mexican Restaurant Satisfactory 10/9/2019Atwater1617 Bellevue Road
DetailMitchell Elementary School Good 7/28/2020Atwater1650 Grove St
DetailMitchell Intermediate School Good 7/28/2020Atwater1753 5th St.
DetailMix Bakery Good 11/6/2019Merced1110 W 16th St
DetailMom's & Pop's Diner Satisfactory 6/24/2019Dos Palos2042 Blossom St.
DetailMontero's Bakery Satisfactory 10/17/2019Los Banos546 I St.
DetailMountain Mike's Pizza Unsatisfactory 2/21/2020Atwater2751 Shaffer Road Ste 17
DetailMountain Mike's Pizza Good 1/29/2019Los Banos509 Pacheco Blvd
DetailMountain Mike's Pizza Satisfactory 1/23/2020Merced1950 Yosemite Pkwy Ste J
DetailMountain Mikes Pizza Good 2/25/2020Los Banos2260 E. Pacheco Blvd Ste A
DetailMr Taco Satisfactory 7/8/2019Los Banos850 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailMrs. Adams Gourmet Cookies Good 11/4/2019Merced400 Emerald Dr.
DetailMUHSD, Atwater High School (Food & Pool) Good 5/18/2020Atwater2201 Fruitland Ave
DetailMUHSD, Buhach Colony High School (Food & Pool) Good 5/18/2020Atwater1800 Buhach Rd
DetailMUHSD, East Campus Ed Center/ Yosemite High (Food & Pool) Good 5/18/2020Merced1900 G St
DetailMUHSD, El Capitan High School (Food & Pool) Good 5/18/2020Merced100 W. Farmland Ave.
DetailMUHSD, Golden Valley High School (Food & Pool) Good 2/3/2020Merced2121 E Childs Ave
DetailMUHSD, Livingston High School (Food & Pool) Good 5/18/2020Livingston1617 Main St
DetailMUHSD, Merced High School North Campus (Food & Pool) Good 6/15/2020Merced205 W. Olive Ave.
DetailMurillo Nutrition Good 11/25/2019Dos Palos1553 Center Ave.
DetailNagame Japanese Restaurant Good 4/25/2019Merced2650 W. 16th St.
DetailNeighborhood Grocery Good 5/15/2019El Nido10386 S. Hwy 59
DetailNew Bethany Residential Care & Skilled Nursing Community Good 1/13/2020Los Banos1441 Berkeley Dr
DetailNew China Cafe Satisfactory 11/26/2018Merced1002 W. Main St.
DetailNew Olive Market Satisfactory 4/3/2019Atwater1101 Winton Way
DetailNew Thai Cuisine Good 7/9/2019Merced909 W. 16th St.
DetailNoah's Vietnamese Fusion Cuisine Satisfactory 4/12/2019Merced1327 W. 18th St.
DetailNuevo Vallarta Market Satisfactory 11/22/2019Merced45 E. 16th St.
DetailNutrition Station Good 1/29/2019Los Banos663 J St.
DetailO'Ryleighs Tavern Satisfactory 12/17/2019Merced1730 Canal St.
DetailOasis Market and Liquor Satisfactory 10/29/2019Turlock11012 Lander Ave.
DetailOff The Wall Smoke Shop Good 6/7/2019Merced1459 Martin Luther King Jr Way #3
DetailOrient Market Satisfactory 3/29/2019Atwater254 Broadway Ave
DetailOropeza Salazar Bakery Satisfactory 12/16/2019Los Banos225 7th St. Ste. B
DetailOseguera Bar Good 11/12/2019Le Grand3891 S. Santa Fe Ave.
DetailOstioneria Guadalajara Good 9/26/2019Merced1220 W. 16th St.
DetailOstioneria Mayrita Good 5/3/2019Livingston341 N. Main St.
DetailOur Lady of Mercy Good 2/26/2019Merced1400 E 27th St
DetailOut Of Bounds Unsatisfactory 3/10/2020Atwater575 Bellevue Road
DetailOXXO Mini Mart Satisfactory 3/27/2019Atwater3416 N. Buhach Road
DetailPacheco High School Good 5/14/2019Los Banos200 N. Ward Road
DetailPacific Valley Coffee Good 11/4/2019Los Banos461 G St
DetailPaleteria Tapia's Good 9/12/2019Los Banos1215 B St. Ste G
DetailPanaderia Guadalajara Satisfactory 2/1/2019Atwater1125 Bellevue Rd
DetailPanaderia Guadalajara #2 Satisfactory 11/29/2018Merced1339 W. 18th St.
DetailPanaderia Olmos Bakery Satisfactory 5/20/2019Merced47 E. 16th St.
DetailPanda Express Satisfactory 3/19/2019Merced1786 Olive Ave. Bldg H
DetailPanda Express Good 11/6/2018Livingston412 Winton Pkwy
DetailPanda Express #216 Satisfactory 5/31/2019Merced710 Merced Mall
DetailPanda Express #830 Good 6/18/2019Los Banos2108 Pacheco Blvd
DetailPanda Express - Santa Nella Village Good 2/26/2019Santa Nella13046 Hwy 33
DetailPanda Express Restaurant #1768 Good 9/18/2019Atwater1531 Bell Dr.
DetailPanera Bread Bakery Good 5/1/2019Merced3110 R St.
DetailPapa Murphy's Good 11/21/2019Merced220 Yosemite Ave.
DetailPapa Murphy's Take and Bake Good 5/3/2019Los Banos1450 S. Mercey Springs Road Ste. 105
DetailPapa Murphy's Take-N-Bake Pizza Satisfactory 3/13/2019Atwater1860 Bellevue Road
DetailPAQ Inc DBA Rancho San Miguel Satisfactory 2/28/2019Merced1930 Yosemite Pkwy
DetailPAQ Inc. DBA Food-4-Less Satisfactory 7/10/2019Los Banos2000 E Pacheco Blvd
DetailPAQ Inc. DBA Rancho San Miguel Good 2/21/2019Livingston444 Winton Pkwy
DetailParaiso Brewery Satisfactory 3/20/2019Los Banos80 W. G St. Unit C
DetailPARBIN SHARMA DBA 7-ELEVEN #16673 Good 7/18/2019Merced1107 Loughborough Dr.
DetailPastime Club Satisfactory 3/22/2019Gustine337 5th St
DetailPDI International Good 11/26/2019Los Banos1063 E. Pacheco Blvd
DetailPea Soup Andersen's - Santa Nella Satisfactory 4/19/2019Santa Nella12411 S. Hwy 33
DetailPeggy Heller Elementary Scho Good 7/28/2020Atwater201 Lakeview Dr.
DetailPerrys More Than Pizza Good 2/7/2019Gustine292 5th St.
DetailPeterson School Good 6/23/2020Merced848 Donna Dr
DetailPetro Stopping Centers/Santa Nella Petro Satisfactory 5/8/2019Santa Nella28991 W. Gonzaga Road
DetailPho Zab Lao Noodle House Satisfactory 4/25/2019Merced2961 Beachwood Dr.
DetailPioneer Drug Good 7/1/2019Dos Palos1428 Center Ave.
DetailPioneer Elementary School Good 1/28/2019Merced2950 E Gerard Ave
DetailPizza Factory Good 6/19/2019Santa Nella13104 S. Hwy 33 Ste B
DetailPizza Factory Good 7/30/2019Dos Palos1516 Center Ave.
DetailPizza Factory - Le Grand Satisfactory 11/5/2019Le Grand13208 Le Grand Road
DetailPizza Factory - Merced Good 10/9/2020Merced3146 G St. Ste 147
DetailPizza Factory Amorim Enterprises Inc Good 5/14/2019Gustine447 5th St.
DetailPizza Guys Good 7/29/2020Merced2800 G St.
DetailPizza Hut Good 9/15/2020Merced580 W. Olive Ave.
DetailPizza Hut # 103152 Satisfactory 2/3/2020Merced575 W Olive Ave.
DetailPizza Hut #12994, LLC Good 6/18/2019Los Banos419 Pacheco Blvd
DetailPizza Hut #45021 Satisfactory 3/13/2019Atwater855 Bellevue Road
DetailPizza Hut @ Target #2359 Good 5/9/2019Los Banos1405 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailPizza Plus Good 2/4/2019Hilmar19935 W. American Ave.
DetailPizza Villa Good 8/27/2019Merced1111 Loughborough Dr
DetailPlainsburg Elementary School Good 9/11/2020Merced3708 Plainsburg Rd
DetailPlanada School Good 5/21/2019Planada161 S Plainsburg Rd
DetailPlanada Variety & Discount Store Good 10/8/2019Planada294 De La Guerra St.
DetailPopeye's Satisfactory 1/25/2019Livingston435 Winton Pkwy
DetailPopeye's Louisiana Kitchen Satisfactory 5/14/2019Merced1445 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
DetailPopeyes Chicken & Biscuits Good 2/26/2019Santa Nella12310 S Hwy 33
DetailPort of Subs Good 6/6/2019Merced731 E. Yosemite Ave. Ste E
DetailPower Nutrition Good 2/5/2019Los Banos265 Mercey Springs Road Ste F
DetailPrime Time Nutrition Good 8/19/2020Livingston2275 F St. Ste 6
DetailPrime Time Nutrition Good 3/29/2019Atwater1190 3rd St.
DetailPrime Time Nutrition Satisfactory 9/10/2019Merced401 Lesher Dr.
DetailPrusso Child Development Center Good 2/25/2020Livingston848 Prusso St.
DetailPueblo Viejo Market Good 3/20/2020Los Banos13251 2nd St.
DetailPunjab Sweets & Restaurant Satisfactory 5/3/2019Livingston436 Main St.
DetailPure Nutrition Satisfactory 5/23/2019Winton6596 N. Winton Way Ste D
DetailQuality Inn Satisfactory 4/11/2019Merced730 Motel Dr.
DetailQuality Inn Good 1/30/2019Santa Nella28976 W. Plaza Dr.
DetailQuick & Easy Rai & Sons Corp. Good 2/25/2019Gustine780 South Ave
DetailQuick N Snappy Food and Liquor Good 2/21/2020Atwater1895 Bellevue Rd
DetailQuickly Good 3/11/2019Merced731 E. Yosemite Ave. Ste G
DetailQuik Stop Mkt #163 Satisfactory 2/8/2019Livingston401 Joseph Gallo Ct.
DetailR Street Chevron Satisfactory 5/30/2019Merced1415 R St.
DetailR Street Shell Good 5/30/2019Merced1245 R St.
DetailR-N Market Good 5/13/2019Atwater231 Atwater Blvd
DetailR-N Warehouse Good 4/5/2019Atwater184 E. Broadway Ave.
DetailR. M. Miano School Satisfactory 5/15/2019Los Banos1129 B St.
DetailRaley's 309 Satisfactory 9/27/2019Merced3550 N. G St.
DetailRally's Satisfactory 10/16/2019Los Banos1330 Pacheco Blvd
DetailRancho Del Rey Golf Club Satisfactory 3/18/2019Atwater5250 Green Sands Ave
DetailRancho Market Good 11/6/2019Le Grand13199 E Jefferson
DetailRancho Market and Gas Inc Satisfactory 5/8/2019Winton6986 Santa Fe Dr.
DetailRandhawa, LLC DBA Beer Cave Plus Satisfactory 11/21/2019Atwater316 E. Bellevue Road
DetailRaul's Mexican Catering & Taqueria Unsatisfactory 2/13/2020Atwater2775 Winton Way
DetailRavello's / Gateway Gardens Good 9/5/2019Merced560 W. 18th St.
DetailRavello's Restaurant Satisfactory 3/21/2019Merced3360 N. Hwy 59 Ste H
DetailRichard's Market & Liquor Good 2/7/2019Gustine427 6th Ave.
DetailRichwood Meat Co. Good 5/7/2019Merced2751 N. Santa Fe Dr.
DetailRico's Pizza Good 8/31/2020Delhi16385 W. Schendel Road Ste A
DetailRico's Pizza Satisfactory 2/5/2019Winton6994 Bridget Ct. Ste C
DetailRico's Pizza Good 10/18/2019Los Banos2160 E. Pacheco Blvd Ste. K
DetailRicos Food and Raspados Satisfactory 2/20/2020Los Banos265 N. Mercey Springs Road Ste J
DetailRincon Bohemio Satisfactory 5/20/2019Los Banos534 I St.
DetailRise Up Nutrition Good 8/12/2019Gustine475 5th St.
DetailRite Aid #5855 Good 6/12/2019Los Banos1317 E Pacheco Blvd
DetailRite Aid #6001 Good 8/28/2019Atwater571 Bellevue Rd
DetailRite Aid #6006 Satisfactory 5/7/2019Merced1158 W. Main St.
DetailRite Aid #6007 Good 12/28/2018Merced3142 G St
DetailRite Aid #6379 Good 1/25/2019Livingston500 Main St
DetailRivera Elementary & Middle School Good 6/5/2020Merced945 Buena Vista
DetailRockin' Jump Trampoline Park Good 10/2/2019Merced1230 W. Main St.
DetailRodeway Inn Good 3/21/2019Merced1001 Motel Dr.
DetailRollen Donuts Good 1/30/2019Merced2010 G St
DetailRoller Land Good 5/30/2019Merced1445 W 18th St.
DetailRomero School Good 12/11/2019Santa Nella13500 W. Luis Road
DetailRooney's Discount Liquor Satisfactory 6/18/2019Los Banos310 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailRoss Dress For Less #0836 Good 1/9/2020Merced1113 W Olive Ave
DetailRoss Dress for Less #2179 Good 10/8/2019Los Banos1400 Mercey Springs Road Unit A
DetailRotten Robbie #59 Satisfactory 2/28/2019Santa Nella12860 S. State Highway 33
DetailRound Table Pizza Good 1/3/2019Los Banos1462 S Mercy Springs Rd
DetailRound Table Pizza Unsatisfactory 2/20/2020Atwater1831 Bellevue Road
DetailRoyal Gas and Food Satisfactory 3/7/2019Livingston1419 Crowell St.
DetailRoyaltea Donut & Sub Good 7/29/2020Atwater190 E. Belllevue Road
DetailRyan's Old Fashioned Caramel Corn Good 3/20/2019Santa Nella13725 Deleon Ave.
DetailSagar's Gas and Save Good 8/14/2019Merced963 W. 16th St.
DetailSaigon Pho Satisfactory 1/29/2019Merced3040 Park Ave. Ste E-3
DetailSalvation Army Dining Hall Good 5/14/2019Merced1440 W. 12th St.
DetailSam's Foods Supermarket Good 12/20/2019Atwater351 Bellevue Road
DetailSan Luis High School Good 5/17/2019Los Banos125 Seventh St.
DetailSansei Good 5/8/2019Merced705 Merced Mall
DetailSanta Fe Foods Good 7/18/2019Los Banos1109 6th St.
DetailSanta Nella Fuel & Food, Inc. Good 2/28/2019Santa Nella12754 S. HWY 33
DetailSanta Nella Travel Center Satisfactory 2/26/2019Santa Nella12310 S. Hwy 33
DetailSave Mart #102 Satisfactory 4/1/2019Atwater1701 Bellevue Road
DetailSave Mart #53 Good 6/11/2019Merced150 W. Olive Ave.
DetailSave Max Satisfactory 10/21/2019Livingston2275 F St. #3,#4
DetailSave More Market Good 5/28/2019Merced2030 G St
DetailSchelby School Good 10/20/2020Livingston6738 N. Sultana Dr.
DetailSchendel Elementary School Good 12/4/2018Delhi16114 W Schendel Ave
DetailSchmidt Park Satisfactory 5/15/2019GustineMeredith Ave
DetailSee's Candies - Merced Mall - Space 640 Good 1/15/2020Merced713 Merced Mall Spc 640
DetailSelma Herndon School Satisfactory 2/26/2020Livingston714 Prusso St
DetailServatorium Satisfactory 9/19/2019Dos Palos1548 Center Ave.
DetailShaffer School Good 7/28/2020Atwater1434 California St
DetailShannon Mini Mart Good 7/24/2019Merced369 S. HWY 59
DetailSheehy School Good 7/29/2020Merced1240 W 6th St
DetailShop and Go Satisfactory 3/10/2020Merced2272 N. Beachwood Dr.
DetailShop N Save Market Good 6/10/2019Merced1055 W Childs Ave
DetailSimple Simon Gas & Liquor Satisfactory 8/27/2019Dos Palos2102 Blossom St
DetailSingh's Market Satisfactory 3/18/2019Atwater1450 Shaffer Road
DetailSizzler #679 Satisfactory 5/9/2019Merced1334 W. Olive Ave.
DetailSmart & Final # 385 F Good 11/1/2019Merced1425 Martin Luther King Jr Way
DetailSmart Save Satisfactory 12/17/2019Merced211 W. Main St.
DetailSmiley's Gas Good 9/10/2019Merced1480 W 16th St
DetailSmiley's Shell Satisfactory 5/17/2019Merced1405 Martin Luther King Jr Way
DetailSmoke Palace Satisfactory 5/31/2019Merced1204 W. 16th St.
DetailSnelling Chevron Satisfactory 12/5/2019Snelling15875 N Hwy 59
DetailSnelling Merced Falls School Good 12/5/2019Snelling16099 N. Hwy 59
DetailSonic Drive-in Good 9/5/2019Atwater1751 Bellevue Road
DetailSonic Drive-In #4487 Satisfactory 3/19/2019Merced1101 W. 18th St.
DetailSorelle Martinelli Biscotti Good 12/7/2018Merced2825 Forist Lane
DetailSt Anthony's Catholic Church School Good 5/13/2020Atwater1801 Winton Way
DetailSt. Patrick Church Parish Hall Good 8/26/2019Merced671 E. Yosemite Ave.
DetailSt. Paul Lutheran Church & School Good 4/11/2019Merced2916 N. McKee Road
DetailStaples the Office Superstore #0268 Good 11/29/2018Merced20 W. Olive Ave.
DetailStar Club Good 6/28/2019Merced1331 W. Main St.
DetailStar Garden/ Sam Cafe Satisfactory 6/26/2019Merced235 W 12th St.
DetailStarbucks #5919 Satisfactory 3/14/2019Merced360 W. 16th St. Ste A
DetailStarbucks #6817 Satisfactory 8/30/2019Los Banos1380 E. Pacheco Blvd Ste A
DetailStarbucks #8712 Good 2/21/2019Livingston453 Joseph Gallo Ct.
DetailStarbucks #9514 Good 10/24/2019Merced779 E. Yosemite Ave. #100
DetailStarbucks @ Target #2359 Good 5/9/2019Los Banos1405 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailStarbucks Coffee #10491 Good 12/10/2018Merced700 Carol Ave.
DetailStarbucks Coffee #11089 Satisfactory 9/5/2019Atwater261 E. Bellevue Road
DetailStarbucks Coffee #11090 Good 6/17/2019Atwater1640 Bell Lane
DetailStarbucks Coffee #14504 Satisfactory 9/12/2019Los Banos1363 W. Pacheco Blvd Ste A
DetailStarbucks Coffee #3420 Good 1/31/2019Santa Nella13104 S. Hwy 33 Ste A
DetailStarbucks Coffee Company Good 8/12/2020Los Banos360 Mercey Springs Road
DetailState Market Satisfactory 9/25/2019Dos Palos2649 Blossom St.
DetailStevinson Bar & Grill Good 3/22/2019Stevinson20104 W. Third Ave.
DetailStockyard Restaurant Satisfactory 7/1/2019Turlock10430 N Lander Ave
DetailStop 2 Save Food & Liquor Good 12/6/2019Merced1230 E Martin Luther King Jr Way
DetailStrings Italian Cafe Satisfactory 1/22/2020Merced731 E. Yosemite Ave. Suit A
DetailSub Shop Good 2/28/2019Atwater1844 Bellevue Rd
DetailSubway Satisfactory 2/5/2019Santa Nella29060 W Plaza Dr.
DetailSubway Satisfactory 5/29/2019Los Banos1561 W Pacheco Blvd Ste #4
DetailSubway Satisfactory 3/25/2019Atwater2810 Shaffer Road
DetailSubway Good 2/3/2020Merced3566 G St.
DetailSubway Good 7/29/2019Merced1459 Martin Luther King Jr Way # 8
DetailSubway #03188 Satisfactory 5/28/2019Los Banos1341 E Pacheco Blvd F
DetailSubway #14350 Good 2/3/2020Merced15 E 16th St.
DetailSubway #52998 Good 8/27/2019Dos Palos1502 Center Ave.
DetailSubway of Livingston Good 2/21/2019Livingston483 Joseph Gallo Ct.
DetailSubway Sandwich Shop Satisfactory 5/7/2019Merced3250 N. G St. #D
DetailSubway Sandwich Shop Good 5/6/2019Hilmar7940 N. Lander Ave. Ste 1
DetailSubway Sandwich Shop Satisfactory 4/25/2019Atwater1304 Commerce Ave.
DetailSubway Sandwiches Satisfactory 5/7/2019Merced720 Carol Ave.
DetailSubway Sandwiches Good 7/2/2019Merced1200 W. Olive Ave.
DetailSunflower Club Nutrition Good 4/22/2020Delhi9888 Stephens St.
DetailSunshine Donuts Good 10/8/2019Los Banos402 W Pacheco Blvd Ste D
DetailSunshine Donuts Company Satisfactory 3/25/2019Livingston242 N. Main St. Ste A
DetailSuper A Gas & Food Good 12/20/2018Winton7028 N. Winton Way
DetailSuper Mac Food & Gas Satisfactory 1/15/2020Hilmar8480 N. Lander Ave.
DetailSuperway Market Satisfactory 1/14/2020Planada9200 E. HWY 140
DetailSure Stop Market Satisfactory 4/15/2019Atwater972 Broadway Ave
DetailSushi Cuisine Good 12/26/2018Merced3544 G St.
DetailSweet Valley Produce Good 4/16/2019Atwater7077 White Crane Road
DetailSybil Crookham School Good 6/30/2020Winton7160 Walnut Ave
DetailTA Operating, LLC DBA Burger King Good 11/26/2019Santa Nella28991 W Gonzaga Road
DetailTaco Bell #19505 Good 4/17/2019Atwater801 Bellevue Road
DetailTaco Bell #3171 Good 1/30/2019Merced3140 G St.
DetailTaco Bell #34175 Satisfactory 5/21/2019Santa Nella12780 S Hwy 33
DetailTaco Bell #34187 Good 9/23/2019Los Banos1571 W Pacheco Blvd
DetailTaco Bell #34195 Satisfactory 9/4/2019Los Banos1236 Pacheco Blvd
DetailTaco Bell #34204 Good 5/28/2019Livingston339 Joseph Gallo Dr.
DetailTaco Bell #34214 Good 7/1/2019Hilmar8119 Lander Ave.
DetailTaco Bell #4758 Good 1/30/2019Merced1440 Martin Luther King Jr Way
DetailTaco Grotto Satisfactory 9/25/2019Dos Palos1420 Elgin Ave
DetailTacos El Brother Good 3/29/2019Merced561 W. 8th St.
DetailTaher Inc. (Los Banos Campus) Good 1/27/2020Los Banos22240 Hwy 152
DetailTaqueria Castillo Satisfactory 2/5/2019Gustine1813 S Hwy 33
DetailTaqueria El Huarache Satisfactory 1/18/2019Merced3115 R St.
DetailTaqueria El Palmar Satisfactory 7/30/2019Merced1127 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
DetailTarget # T-2386 Pizza Hut Good 4/11/2019Atwater1000 Commerce Ave.
DetailTarget # T-2386 Starbucks Good 4/11/2019Atwater1000 Commerce Ave.
DetailTarget Store T-0641 Starbucks Satisfactory 8/16/2019Merced3280 R St.
DetailTARGET T0641 Satisfactory 6/17/2019Merced3280 R St
DetailTARGET T2359 Good 7/10/2019Los Banos1405 W Pacheco Blvd
DetailTARGET T2386 Good 4/11/2019Atwater1000 Commerce Ave
DetailTary Boscolo's Pizzeria Italian Restaurant Satisfactory 7/19/2019Atwater351 Atwater Blvd
DetailTaste of Little India Satisfactory 4/10/2019Merced1052 W Main St.
DetailTaste of Tequila Satisfactory 3/8/2019Atwater1230 Drakeley Ave.
DetailTenaya Intermediate Good 6/5/2020Merced760 W 8th St
DetailTeriyaki Don Good 9/3/2019Merced755 E. Yosemite Ave. Ste H
DetailTeriyaki House Good 6/8/2020Los Banos1341 E. Pacheco Blvd Ste. J
DetailTexas Burger Drive In Satisfactory 2/25/2019Gustine380 4th St.
DetailThai Cuisine Satisfactory 8/5/2019Merced23 E 16th St.
DetailThai Cuisine II Satisfactory 11/9/2018Merced779 E. Yosemite Ave. G
DetailThai Noodle Satisfactory 7/22/2019Atwater1847 Bellevue Road
DetailThai Star Satisfactory 10/2/2019Merced57 W. Alexander Ave.
DetailThe 6th Street Diner Good 12/27/2019Los Banos925 6th St.
DetailThe Art Kamangar Center at the Merced Theatre Good 5/28/2019Merced301 W. Main St.
DetailThe Chocolate Dipper Good 6/4/2019Merced319 W. Main St.
DetailThe Coffee Saloon Good 2/25/2019Dos Palos1909 Marguerite St.
DetailThe Cue Spot Billiards Good 7/3/2019Merced450 W. Main St.
DetailThe Golden Spice Good 5/10/2019Livingston2275 Walnut Ave.
DetailThe Grove Good 5/28/2019Stevinson2700 Van Clief Road
DetailThe Habit Burger Grill Good 12/10/2018Los Banos1335 W. Pacheco Ste A
DetailThe Hampshire Satisfactory 1/17/2019Merced3460 N. R St.
DetailThe Home Depot Store #6618 Good 2/8/2019Merced1735 W. 140 HWY
DetailThe Home Depot Store #8427 Good 3/7/2019Los Banos1955 E Pacheco Blvd
DetailThe Morning Star Packing Company Good 10/8/2019Los Banos13448 Volta Rd
DetailThe Partisan Good 12/10/2019Merced432 W. Main St.
DetailThe Sweet Life Good 11/29/2018Hilmar7940 Lander Ave. Ste 10
DetailThe Vista Ranch and Cellars Satisfactory 11/12/2019Merced7326 E. Hwy 140
DetailThe Wolf Den Good 8/27/2020Livingston1507 Park St.
DetailThomas Olaeta School Good 7/28/2020Atwater2266 High St.
DetailTogo's Eateries Satisfactory 3/4/2019Atwater1511 Bell Dr.
DetailTogo's Eatery Satisfactory 6/18/2019Los Banos1989 Pacheco Blvd Ste A
DetailTogo's of Merced Satisfactory 11/21/2019Merced3146 N G St. Ste 107
DetailTokyo Don Chinese Restaurant Satisfactory 11/14/2019Merced3040 Park Ave. Ste E-2
DetailToni's Courtyard Cafe Satisfactory 10/9/2019Merced516 W 18th St
DetailTony's Rendezvous Satisfactory 1/14/2020Los Banos536 I St.
DetailTorres Vida Saludable Satisfactory 9/11/2019Los Banos526 I St.
DetailTotal Discount Inc. Satisfactory 5/8/2019Los Banos1237 E. Pacheco Blvd
DetailTotal Nutrition Satisfactory 6/27/2019Los Banos915 6th St.
DetailTotally Delicious Catering Good 5/30/2019Atwater168 E. Broadway Ave.
DetailTown & Country Liquors Satisfactory 6/12/2019Los Banos1248 Pacheco Blvd
DetailTown Frosty Satisfactory 1/17/2020Snelling15890 N Hwy 59
DetailTowneplace Suites by Marriott Satisfactory 2/21/2020Merced229 S. Parsons Ave.
DetailTractor Supply Store #1280-Atwater Good 3/15/2019Atwater1700 Bell Lane
DetailTractor Supply Store #1293-Los Banos Satisfactory 3/6/2019Los Banos1131 W Pacheco Blvd
DetailTravel Lodge Good 2/21/2020Merced1260 Yosemite Pkwy
DetailTravelodge Good 10/4/2019Los Banos349 W. Pacheco Blvd
DetailTrevino's Mexican Restaurant Good 1/10/2019Merced408 W Main St.
DetailTribu Health Nature Good 6/5/2019Merced1345 Irvine Ct.
DetailTrini's Health Foods Good 3/4/2020Los Banos1341 Pacheco Blvd Ste G
DetailTurf Liquors Satisfactory 10/9/2019Winton6596 N Winton Way
DetailTurlock Golf & Country Club Satisfactory 2/22/2019Turlock10532 N Golf Link Rd
DetailTurmeric Indian Cuisine Satisfactory 1/28/2019Merced731 E. Yosemite Ave. Ste C
DetailU Save Liquor Good 5/20/2019Merced1846 Yosemite Pkwy
DetailUncle Bucks Catering LLC. Good 1/21/2020Atwater675 E. Bellevue Road
DetailUnited Artist Theatre Regency 7 Good 5/31/2019Merced635 Fairfield Dr
DetailUnited Paleteria y Neveria #10 Good 10/30/2019Los Banos609 I St.
DetailValley Community School Good 5/22/2019Los Banos715 W. H St.
DetailValley Community School Good 2/27/2019Merced1850 Wardrobe Ave.
DetailVanessa Ice Cream Satisfactory 7/1/2019Winton7020 Walnut Ave.
DetailVFW Post 9946 Satisfactory 3/28/2019Atwater1390 Broadway
DetailVictoria's Mexican Food Good 6/6/2019Merced1060 W. 16th St.
DetailVilla's Mexican Food Satisfactory 7/3/2019Merced900 Loughborough Dr. Ste C
DetailVilla's Mexican Grill Satisfactory 3/28/2019Livingston413 N. Main St.
DetailVilla's Taqueria Satisfactory 11/29/2018Los Banos225 Mercey Springs Road Ste C
DetailVillage Liquor & More Good 6/24/2019Los Banos2220 E. Pacheco Blvd Ste D & E
DetailVillage Liquors Good 2/21/2019Merced2939 G St
DetailVolta School Satisfactory 5/21/2019Volta24307 W. Ingomar Grd.
DetailWalgreens #15986 Good 2/4/2019Hilmar8298 Lander Ave.
DetailWalgreens #3330 Good 9/25/2019Merced1640 R St.
DetailWalgreens #4415 Good 12/27/2018Merced3098 G St.
DetailWalgreens #6418 Good 6/13/2019Los Banos1360 E Pacheco Blvd
DetailWalgreens #6718 Good 4/2/2019Atwater2730 Shaffer Rd
DetailWalle Inc dba Winton Super Market Satisfactory 4/26/2019Winton6592 N Winton Way
DetailWalmart #2039 Satisfactory 1/10/2019Merced3055 Loughborough Dr.
DetailWalmart #2117 Satisfactory 7/11/2019Los Banos1575 W Pacheco Blvd
DetailWalmart #5890 Satisfactory 5/29/2019Atwater800 Commerce Ave
DetailWalnut Child Development Good 2/28/2019Livingston2600 Walnut Ave.
DetailWashington School Good 5/29/2020Winton4402 W. Oakdale Road
DetailWeaver Union School District Good 1/28/2019Merced3076 E. Childs Ave.
DetailWendy's Satisfactory 10/8/2019Los Banos503 Pacheco Blvd
DetailWendy's Old Fashioned Satisfactory 11/9/2018Merced1400 Martin Luther King Jr Way
DetailWendy's Old Fashioned Good 1/31/2019Santa Nella12261 State Hwy 33
DetailWendy's Old Fashioned Satisfactory 4/4/2019Atwater800 Bellevue Road
DetailWestside Grocery Satisfactory 3/27/2019Livingston13912 Westside Blvd
DetailWestside High School Good 6/4/2020South Dos Palos22369 S. 6th St.
DetailWestside Union Intermediate School Good 5/15/2019Los Banos659 K St.
DetailWetzel's Pretzels Satisfactory 5/31/2019Merced721 Merced Mall
DetailWhiskey River Saloon Satisfactory 3/20/2019Atwater1513 Broadway Ave.
DetailWienerschnitzel Satisfactory 10/1/2019Los Banos911 W Pacheco Blvd
DetailWindecker Chevron Good 6/18/2019Los Banos1164 Pacheco Blvd
DetailWinfield Elementary School Good 6/30/2020Winton6981 Chestnut Lane
DetailWinganomics Inc Unsatisfactory 2/28/2020Merced779 E. Yosemite Ave. Ste D
DetailWingStop Good 3/8/2019Los Banos1989 E. Pacheco Blvd Ste J
DetailWinton Grocery Good 6/13/2019Winton6850 N. Santa Fe Dr.
DetailWinton Middle School Good 6/30/2020Winton6300 N Cypress
DetailWinton School Dist. Cafeteria Whse. Good 6/30/2020Winton7160 Walnut Ave.
DetailWinton VFW Post 7792 Satisfactory 5/29/2019Winton7093 Walnut St.
DetailWinton Way Market Good 5/14/2019Winton7190 Winton Way
DetailWired Internet Cafe Good 9/9/2020Merced450 W. 18th St.
DetailWired West Good 8/12/2019Los Banos60 G St. Ste. C
DetailWolfe Transition Center Good 12/13/2019Merced732 W. 13th St.
DetailWolfsen's West Side Good 2/25/2019Gustine358 South Ave.
DetailWool Growers Restaurant Good 1/16/2020Los Banos609 H St.
DetailWorld of Smoke Good 7/2/2020Atwater2698 1st St.
DetailYamato Colony School Satisfactory 2/25/2020Livingston800 Livingston Cressey Road
DetailYogolicious Good 3/19/2019Atwater1312 Commerce Ave.
DetailYogolicious Good 11/20/2019Los Banos1363 W. Pacheco Blvd Ste B
DetailYogolicious Satisfactory 12/31/2018Merced3110 R St. Ste B
DetailYosemite Chevron Satisfactory 6/17/2019Merced3584 G St.
DetailYosemite Valley Beef Packing Co Inc Good 5/15/2019Merced970 E. Sandy Mush Road
DetailYouth Sports Complex Satisfactory 7/18/2019Merced1800 Wardrobe Ave.
DetailYouth Sports Complex Concessions - Baseball / Soccer Satisfactory 6/26/2019Merced1777 W. Wardrobe Ave.