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Facility: Panaderia Guadalajara #2
Address: 1339 W. 18th St., Merced, CA

The most recent inspection of this food facility resulted in a rating of
Satisfactory (Total Points: 9.00)
0-6  Points: Good
7-13 Points: Satisfactory
14+  Points: Unsatisfactory
Rating on date 11-29-2018: Satisfactory (Total Points: 9.00)
DateViolationPointsCorrectionInspector CommentsFacility Area
11-29-2018 Any potentially hazardous foods cooked, cooled and subsequently reheated for hot holding or serving shall be brought to a minimum temperature of 165°F. (114014, 114016) 7.00 If, at the conclusion of the reheating process, it is discovered that the minimum reheating temperature has not been achieved, the reheating process should be continued until the food reaches the required temperature within the time frame allowed. If it is determined that the food has not been reheated in conformance with required procedures and has already been placed in a hot holding unit, the food shall be voluntarily discarded or impounded. Failure to heat to a minimum internal temperature of 165ºF any potentially hazardous food cooked, cooled, and reheated for the purpose of hot holding. Observed carnitas at 77° F in the steam table. Removed and reheated in microwave during inspection.Temped at 171° F. 0101 FOOD ESTAB. W/FOOD PREP 0-49 SEATS (HM4)
11-29-2018 No violations were noted during this inspection. 0.00 This food facility currently meets California Retail Food Code requirements, and is authorized by the Merced County Division of Environmental Health to be open for business. The permit is issued to the current business owner of record and is non-transferable. No violations noted for Retail Market. 0110 RETAIL MARKET<2000 SQ FT (HM3)
11-29-2018 All food contact surfaces of utensils and equipment shall be clean and sanitized. (113984(e), 114097, 114099.1, 114099.4, 114099.6, 114101 (b-d), 114105, 114109, 114111, 114113, 114115 (a, b, d), 114117, 114125(b), 114135, 114141) 2.00 A food facility that prepares food shall not be operating if there is no method to properly clean and sanitize equipment or utensils. A food facility shall not be operating if there is gross contamination of food contact surfaces that may result in the contamination of food products. Observed metal trays and tongs being reused for the pastries. Wash, rinse, and sanitize time. Corrected during inspection. 0125 BAKERY