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Facility: Sunshine Donuts Company
Address: 242 N. Main St. Ste A, Livingston, CA

The most recent inspection of this food facility resulted in a rating of
Satisfactory (Total Points: 10.00)
0-6  Points: Good
7-13 Points: Satisfactory
14+  Points: Unsatisfactory
Rating on date 3-25-2019: Satisfactory (Total Points: 10.00)
DateViolationPointsCorrectionInspector CommentsFacility Area
3-25-2019 Toilet facilities shall be maintained clean, sanitary and in good repair. Toilet rooms shall be separated by a well-fitting self-closing door. Toilet tissue shall be provided in a permanently installed dispenser at each toilet. The number of toilet facilities shall be in accordance with local building and plumbing ordinances. Toilet facilities shall be provided for patrons: in establishments with more than 20,000 sq ft.; establishments offering on-site food consumption. (113953, 113953.1, 113953.2, 114250, 114250.1, 114276) 4.00 Provide clean toilet facilities in good repair. Provide permanently installed toilet tissue dispenser(s) in all toilet facilities. Provide handwashing facilities within or adjacent to all toilet facilities. Soap shall be provided in dispensers at, or adjacent to, handwashing facilities. Single-use sanitary towels in dispensers or hot-air blowers shall be provided at handwashing facilities.

Customer restrooms are required for food facilities of more than 20,000 square feet if they were constructed after July 1 1984, and also applies to facilities of any size that were constructed after January 1, 2004 where there is onsite consumption of food. A "take-out only" food facility, with no seating indoors or outdoors, may not be required to provide customer restrooms. Check with the Division of Environmental Health and with the appropriate Planning Department before removing or restricting access to customer restrooms.
REPEAT: Observed restroom door is propped open with a chair. Cease this practice. Do not defeat the required self closing door mechanism required on restroom doors. When the chair is removed, the door does not quite fully close. Repair or replace so as to provide a functioning self-closing device or self-closing hinges on the restroom door, and keep restroom door closed when not being cleaned. 0101 FOOD ESTAB. W/FOOD PREP 0-49 SEATS (HM4)
3-25-2019 All food employees shall have adequate knowledge of and be trained in food safety as it relates to their assigned duties. The person in charge shall have adequate knowledge of, and shall educate employees of the food facility regarding major food allergens. (113947) Food facilities that prepare, handle or serve non-prepackaged potentially hazardous food, shall have an employee who has passed an approved food safety certification examination. (113947-113947.1) 2.00 The responsibilities of the staff member certified in food safety include ensuring that all employees who handle, or have responsibility for handling, unpackaged foods of any kind have sufficient knowledge to ensure the safe preparation and /or service of the food. The nature and extent of the knowledge that each employee is required to have may be tailored, as appropriate, to the employee's duties related to food safety issues. Observed lack of understanding of the proper use of the three compartment sink for the required wash, rinse, and sanitize steps that must be performed on all food contact surfaces after they are soiled / used / before being reused. Review / retrain all employees as to the correct steps to be taken for manual warewashing and sanitizing. Ensure mop water / mop buckets are filled and emptied at the janitorial sink and not in the three compartment warewashing sink.

Manual warewashing shall be accomplished by using a three-compartment sink where the utensils are first scraped / pre-cleaned, then washed in soapy water in the first compartment, rinsed in clear water in the second compartment, sanitized in the third compartment, and air dried.

The temperature of the washing solution shall be maintained at not less than 100ºF or the temperature specified on the cleaning agent manufacturers label instructions. The utensils shall then be rinsed in clear water before being immersed in a sanitizing solution. If chlorine is used as the sanitizing agent, cleaned and rinsed dishes shall be immersed for not less than thirty (30) seconds in a solution of not less than 100 parts per million (PPM) chlorine, as verified by using test strips, as often as needed for cleanliness, but not less than once in each four hour time frame when utensils / dishes are used in contact with potentially hazardous food items.
3-25-2019 The potable water supply shall be protected with a backflow or back siphonage protection device, as required by applicable plumbing codes. (114192) All plumbing and plumbing fixtures shall be installed in compliance with local plumbing ordinances, shall be maintained so as to prevent any contamination, and shall be kept clean, fully operative, and in good repair. Any hose used for conveying potable water shall be of approved materials, labeled, properly stored, and used for no other purpose. (114171, 114189.1, 114190, 114192.1, 114193, 114193.1, 114195, 114197, 114199, 114201, 114269) 2.00 All plumbing and plumbing fixtures shall be installed in compliance with local plumbing ordinances, shall be maintained so as to prevent any contamination, and shall be kept clean, fully operative, and in good repair. (1) Observed lack of one inch minimum air gap between the drain lines under the three compartment sink and the rim height of the floor sink. Repair or modify drain lines so that the distance between the lowest edge of the drain lines and the height of the floor sink rim allows for a minimum of a one inch air gap.

(2) Observed the janitorial sink was blocked / being used to store extra items, does not appear to be used for its intended purposes. Reminded operator that janitorial sink must be used for filling and emptying mop buckets, not the three compartment sink. Items in janitorial sink relocated, janitorial sink now available. Corrected during inspection.
3-25-2019 All utensils and equipment shall be fully operative, clean, and in good repair. (114115, 114175). All utensils and equipment shall be approved, installed properly, and meet applicable standards. (114130, 114130.1, 114130.2, 114130.3, 114130.4, 114130.5, 114130.6, 114132, 114133, 114137, 114139, 114143, 114153, 114155, 114163, 114165, 114167, 114169, 114172, 114175, 114177, 114180, 114182) 2.00 Equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils shall be clean to sight and touch. The food-contact surfaces of cooking equipment and pans shall be kept free of encrusted grease deposits and other debris accumulations.

Keep all food facilities, and all utensils, display cases, windows, counters, shelves, tables, refrigeration units, sinks, dishwashing machines, and other equipment or utensils used in the storage, preparation, sale, service, and display of food, clean, fully operative, and in good repair.

The non-food-contact surfaces of equipment shall be kept free of an accumulation of dust, dirt, food residue, and other debris. Equipment shall be reassembled so that food-contact surfaces are not contaminated.
(1) Observed significant accumulation of cappuccino powder residue inside the cappuccino machine. Increase cleaning frequency to reduce the accumulation of residue that may act as a vermin attractant.

(2) Observed multiple pieces of equipment at this location that have been repurposed for alternative uses (dry storage in the old ice machine, dry storage in an old under counter cooler, top of nonfunctioning chest freezer being used as a table to store donut sprinkles, etc). Equipment items in the facility must still be kept in an appropriate state of verifiable cleanliness in order to prevent vermin attraction, even if being repurposed. If items are not being used, remove them from the facility in order to prevent the unintended formation of vermin harborage. Do not store items in the food facility that are not necessary to the operation of the food facility.

(3) Observed lack of properly fitting drain plugs for the three compartment sink of sufficient quantity to allow for the proper use of the three compartment sink for effective wash, rinse, and sanitize procedures. Obtain / use plugs for the three compartment sink. Ensure proper wash, rinse, and sanitizing procedures are being performed on all in-use food contact surfaces on not less than a daily basis.