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Facility: Carnitas Barajas Inc
Address: 9184 E. Hwy 140, Planada, CA

The most recent inspection of this food facility resulted in a rating of
Satisfactory (Total Points: 13.00)
0-6  Points: Good
7-13 Points: Satisfactory
14+  Points: Unsatisfactory
Rating on date 12-16-2021: Satisfactory (Total Points: 13.00)
DateViolationPointsCorrectionInspector CommentsFacility Area
12-16-2021 Food shall be stored in an approved manner, in approved containers and labeled as to contents. Food shall be stored at least 6" above the floor on approved shelving. (114047, 114049, 114051, 114053, 114055, 114067(h), 114069) 1.00 Provide adequate and suitable space for the storage of food. Store food at least 6 inches off the floor. Store bulk food not stored in original packaging in containers identifying the food by common name. Food shall not be stored in locker rooms, restrooms, dressing rooms, refuse areas, or mechanical rooms; under open stairwells; under lines on which water has condensed; under leaking water lines, including leaking automatic fire sprinkler heads: or under sewer lines that are not shielded to intercept potential drips.

Only prepackaged nonpotentially hazardous food or uncut produce may be displayed or sold outdoors by a food facility if outdoor displays have overhead protection that extends over all food items, and if all food items from the outdoor display are stored inside the fully enclosed food facility at all times other than during business hours.

Products that are held by the permit holder for credit, redemption, or return to the distributor, such as damaged, spoiled, or recalled products, shall be segregated and held in designated areas that are separated from food, equipment, utensils, linens, and single-use articles. All returned or damaged food products and food products from which the label has been removed shall be separated and stored in a separate area and in a manner that shall prevent adulteration of other foods and shall not contribute to a vermin problem.

Observed two bags of dry beans that had been opened and partially used that were sitting directly on the floor in the large back kitchen area. Bags immediately relocated to the storage shelves. Corrected during inspection. 0101 FOOD ESTAB. W/FOOD PREP 0-49 SEATS (HM4)
12-16-2021 All utensils and equipment shall be fully operative, clean, and in good repair. (114115, 114175). All utensils and equipment shall be approved, installed properly, and meet applicable standards. (114130, 114130.1, 114130.2, 114130.3, 114130.4, 114130.5, 114130.6, 114132, 114133, 114137, 114139, 114143, 114153, 114155, 114163, 114165, 114167, 114169, 114172, 114175, 114177, 114180, 114182) 1.00 Equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils shall be clean to sight and touch. The food-contact surfaces of cooking equipment and pans shall be kept free of encrusted grease deposits and other debris accumulations.

Keep all food facilities, and all utensils, display cases, windows, counters, shelves, tables, refrigeration units, sinks, dishwashing machines, and other equipment or utensils used in the storage, preparation, sale, service, and display of food, clean, fully operative, and in good repair.

The non-food-contact surfaces of equipment shall be kept free of an accumulation of dust, dirt, food residue, and other debris. Equipment shall be reassembled so that food-contact surfaces are not contaminated.
(1) Observed hot water heater lacks a safety strap. Provide.

(2) Observed handwash sink is located less than two inches from the three compartment sink and lacks a splash guard. Provide a splash guard between the handwashing sink and the three compartment sink compartments that is at leas six inches tall, smooth, easily cleanable, and non porous / meets a commercial grade standard.

(3) Service tag on ANSUL unit shows an ambiguous date in 2020 (month not punched on card). Let operator know hoods are generally have a six month service interval. Call made to company to try and confirm date of last service, appointment to service ANSUL made for this coming Monday. Ensure equipment is maintained and serviced at the required frequency.

(4) Observed duct tape being used on the corners of the front ice machine lid frame. Remove duct tape. If equipment is damaged, repair or replace such that it meets the original required commercial grade standard of smooth and easily cleanable. Do not repair with tape which can create additional contamination issues.

(5) Observed lower shelf on one prep table and one shelf on a wire rack unit in the kitchen that are covered with foil and / or cardboard. Cease this practice. Remove cardboard and foil, which can impede regular required deaning. If unit is damaged beneath cardboard or foil, properly repair or replace to meet the original required commercial grade standard.

(6) Observed buildup of tacky grease residue in at least one of the hoods. Increase cleaning frequency and efficacy so as to avoid the accumulation of visible residue.

(7) Observed handle on 2 compartment sink hot water is broken, replacement ordered but not installed yet. New unit located during inspection, in the process of being installed. Corrected during inspection.

(8) Observed large cutting board in back area near second ice machine is significantly damaged / broken / cracked on one corner. Staff states replacement board has been ordered. Ensure equipment is maintained in good condition meeting the required commercial grade standards to reduce the unintended formation of cross contamination points where items are damaged.
12-16-2021 Wiping cloths used to wipe service counters, scales or other surfaces that may come into contact with food shall be used only once unless kept in clean water with sanitizer. (114135, 114185, 114185.1, 11485.2, 114185.3) 2.00 Cloths used to wipe service counters, scales, and other surfaces that may directly or indirectly contact food shall be used only once until laundered or may be used repeatedly if held in a sanitizing solution, as described below. Cloths used with raw foods of animal origin shall be used only once until laundered or may be used repeatedly if kept in a separate container of sanitizing solution, as described below:
(1) Contact with a solution of 100 ppm available chlorine solution for at least 30 seconds.
(2) Contact with a solution of 25 ppm available iodine for at least one minute.
(3) Contact with a solution of 200 ppm quaternary ammonium for at least one minute.
(4) Contact with any chemical sanitizer that meets the requirements of Section 180.940 of Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations when used in accordance with the manufacturer's use directions.
REPEAT: Observed dry towel by the service window that had been used and was not in sanitizer nor put in a designated dirty laundry location. Ensure wiping towels are either used once and immediately put in a designated location for laundering prior to reuse, or are stored in a sanitizer solution of sufficient strength for sufficient time (30 seconds in 100 PPM solution for chlorine, 60 seconds in 200 PPM for quat) to sanitize rags before reuse. 0101 FOOD ESTAB. W/FOOD PREP 0-49 SEATS (HM4)
12-16-2021 All food contact surfaces of utensils and equipment shall be clean and sanitized. (113984(e), 114097, 114099.1, 114099.4, 114099.6, 114101 (b-d), 114105, 114109, 114111, 114113, 114115 (a, b, d), 114117, 114125(b), 114135, 114141) 3.00 A food facility that prepares food shall not be operating if there is no method to properly clean and sanitize equipment or utensils. A food facility shall not be operating if there is gross contamination of food contact surfaces that may result in the contamination of food products. (1) Observed ice scoops stored inside both ice machines on site, scoops in ice with handles sticking out. Remove scoops. Do not store inside ice machines to reduce / prevent possible cross contamination from the handle to the ice. Scoops immediately removed, ice near scoops discarded, and clean containers for scoop storage placed next to each ice machine. Corrected during inspection.

(2) Observed scrapers used for cleaning stored on edge behind the ANSUL pull station pipe. Discontinue this practice. Scrapers relocated to three compartment sink to wash / rinse / sanitize. Corrected during inspection.
12-16-2021 Potentially hazardous foods shall be held at or below 41°/ 45°F or at or above 135°F. (113996, 113998, 114037, 114343(a)) 3.00 Hold potentially hazardous foods either at or above 135°F or at or below 41°F. Hold the following potentially hazardous foods at 45°F: raw shell eggs, unshucked live molluscan shellfish, pasteurized milk and pasteurized milk products in original, sealed containers. Potentially hazardous foods held for dispensing in a serving line or a salad bar (not in a display case) may be held at 45°F or less during periods not to exceed 12 hours in any 24-hour period. Discard all potentially hazardous food that has been out of an approved time and temperature range. Observed the temperature of the top of the stack of sliced cheese in the upper bins of the flip top cooler reading above 41 degrees; cheese is significantly overstacked beyond max fill line on bins. Educated employees about max fill lines on the bins. Extra cheese relocated to lower portion of flip top cooler until needed, cheese underneath measured at 40 degrees. Ensure all cold potentially hazardous food is held at or below 41 degrees. Corrected during inspection. 0101 FOOD ESTAB. W/FOOD PREP 0-49 SEATS (HM4)
12-16-2021 Handwashing soap and single use towels or drying device shall be provided in dispensers adjacent to each handwashing facility; dispensers shall be maintained in good repair. (113953.2) Adequate separate facilities shall be provided for handwashing, food preparation, and the washing of utensils and equipment. (113953, 113953.1) 3.00 Handwashing facilities shall be sufficient in number and conveniently located so as to be accessible at all times for use by food employees. Employees shall not clean their hands in a sink used for food preparation, warewashing, or in a service sink or a curbed cleaning facility used for the disposal of mop water and similar liquid waste. Do not place objects in front of the handwashing station, and do not place items, utensils or wiping cloths in the handwashing sink.

Handwashing facilities shall be equipped to provide warm water under pressure for a minimum of 15 seconds. If the temperature of water provided is not readily adjustable at the faucet, the temperature of the water shall be at least 100°F, but not greater than 108°F. Soap shall be provided in approved dispensers at, or adjacent to, handwashing facilities (no bars of soap). Single-use sanitary towels or hot-air blowers shall be provided at handwashing facilities in approved dispensing devices.
Observed the only handwash sink in the kitchen area blocked by recently made rag buckets / cleaning supplies. Relocate buckets / cleaning supplies. Keep handwashing facilities easily accessible and properly supplied with soap and paper towels at all times to encourage frequent / proper handwashing. 0101 FOOD ESTAB. W/FOOD PREP 0-49 SEATS (HM4)