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Facility: PAQ Inc. DBA Food-4-Less
Address: 2000 E Pacheco Blvd, Los Banos, CA

The most recent inspection of this food facility resulted in a rating of
Satisfactory (Total Points: 10.00)
0-6  Points: Good
7-13 Points: Satisfactory
14+  Points: Unsatisfactory
Rating on date 7-10-2019: Satisfactory (Total Points: 10.00)
DateViolationPointsCorrectionInspector CommentsFacility Area
7-10-2019 Food facilities that prepare food shall be equipped with warewashing facilities. Testing equipment and materials shall be provided to measure the applicable sanitization method. (114067(f,g), 114099, 114099.1, 114099.2, 114099.3, 114099.4, 114099.5, 114099.6, 114099.7, 114101, 114101.1, 114101.2, 114103, 114107, 114125) 2.00 Provide a sink with at least 3 compartments with 2 integral metal drainboards. The sink compartments and drainage facilities shall be large enough to accommodate the largest utensil or piece of equipment to be cleaned therein.

Clean the utensils in one of the following ways:

(1) Manual warewashing shall be accomplished by using a 3-compartment sink where the utensils are first pre-cleaned, then washed, rinsed, sanitized, and air dried. The temperature of the washing solution shall be maintained at not less than 100°F or the temperature specified on the cleaning agent manufacturer's label instructions. The utensils shall then be rinsed in clear water before being immersed in a sanitizing solution. Manual sanitization shall be accomplished in the final sanitizing rinse by one of the following:
(a) Immersion for at least 30 seconds where the water temperature is maintained at 171°F or above.
(b) The application of sanitizing chemicals by immersion, manual swabbing, or brushing, using one of the following solutions:
(1) Contact with a solution of 100 ppm available chlorine solution for at least 30 seconds.
(2) Contact with a solution of 25 ppm available iodine for at least one minute.
(3) Contact with a solution of 200 ppm quaternary ammonium for at least one minute.
(4) Contact with a solution of ozone that meets the requirements of Section 180.940 of Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations and that is generated by a device located onsite at the food facility that meets all of the requirements of 114099.6.
(c) Other methods approved by the enforcement agency.

(2) Mechanical machine warewashing shall be accomplished by using an approved machine installed and operated in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. Soiled items to be cleaned in a warewashing machine shall be loaded in racks, trays, or baskets or onto conveyors in a position that exposes the items to the unobstructed spray during all cycles and allows the items to drain. Mechanical sanitization shall be accomplished in the final sanitizing rinse by one of the following:
(a) By being cycled through equipment achieving a utensil surface temperature of 160°F or above.
(b) The mechanical application of sanitizing chemicals by pressure spraying methods using one of the following:
(1) Contact with a solution of 50 ppm available chlorine solution for at least 30 seconds.
(2) Contact with a solution of 25 ppm available iodine for at least one minute.
(3) Contact with any chemical sanitizer that meets the requirements of Section 180.940 of Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations when used in accordance with both the sanitizer manufacturers use directions and the machine manufacturer's specifications.

Provide testing equipment and materials to adequately measure the applicable sanitization method.
Observed the test strips were expired and water damaged in the bakery. Provide new test strips. 0125 BAKERY
7-10-2019 Toilet facilities shall be maintained clean, sanitary and in good repair. Toilet rooms shall be separated by a well-fitting self-closing door. Toilet tissue shall be provided in a permanently installed dispenser at each toilet. The number of toilet facilities shall be in accordance with local building and plumbing ordinances. Toilet facilities shall be provided for patrons: in establishments with more than 20,000 sq ft.; establishments offering on-site food consumption. (113953, 113953.1, 113953.2, 114250, 114250.1, 114276) 2.00 Provide clean toilet facilities in good repair. Provide permanently installed toilet tissue dispenser(s) in all toilet facilities. Provide handwashing facilities within or adjacent to all toilet facilities. Soap shall be provided in dispensers at, or adjacent to, handwashing facilities. Single-use sanitary towels in dispensers or hot-air blowers shall be provided at handwashing facilities.

Customer restrooms are required for food facilities of more than 20,000 square feet if they were constructed after July 1 1984, and also applies to facilities of any size that were constructed after January 1, 2004 where there is onsite consumption of food. A "take-out only" food facility, with no seating indoors or outdoors, may not be required to provide customer restrooms. Check with the Division of Environmental Health and with the appropriate Planning Department before removing or restricting access to customer restrooms.
Observed the exhaust in the restrooms are not working properly and not exhausting air. Repair or replace. 0114 RETAIL MARKET 30,001+ SQFT
7-10-2019 Food shall be stored in an approved manner, in approved containers and labeled as to contents. Food shall be stored at least 6" above the floor on approved shelving. (114047, 114049, 114051, 114053, 114055, 114067(h), 114069) 2.00 Provide adequate and suitable space for the storage of food. Store food at least 6 inches off the floor. Store bulk food not stored in original packaging in containers identifying the food by common name. Food shall not be stored in locker rooms, restrooms, dressing rooms, refuse areas, or mechanical rooms; under open stairwells; under lines on which water has condensed; under leaking water lines, including leaking automatic fire sprinkler heads: or under sewer lines that are not shielded to intercept potential drips.

Only prepackaged nonpotentially hazardous food or uncut produce may be displayed or sold outdoors by a food facility if outdoor displays have overhead protection that extends over all food items, and if all food items from the outdoor display are stored inside the fully enclosed food facility at all times other than during business hours.

Products that are held by the permit holder for credit, redemption, or return to the distributor, such as damaged, spoiled, or recalled products, shall be segregated and held in designated areas that are separated from food, equipment, utensils, linens, and single-use articles. All returned or damaged food products and food products from which the label has been removed shall be separated and stored in a separate area and in a manner that shall prevent adulteration of other foods and shall not contribute to a vermin problem.

Observed containers of juice, no longer in the original shipping cases, stored on the ground. Keep containers 6 inches off the ground when removed from the shipping cases. 0114 RETAIL MARKET 30,001+ SQFT
7-10-2019 All food contact surfaces of utensils and equipment shall be clean and sanitized. (113984(e), 114097, 114099.1, 114099.4, 114099.6, 114101 (b-d), 114105, 114109, 114111, 114113, 114115 (a, b, d), 114117, 114125(b), 114135, 114141) 2.00 A food facility that prepares food shall not be operating if there is no method to properly clean and sanitize equipment or utensils. A food facility shall not be operating if there is gross contamination of food contact surfaces that may result in the contamination of food products. Observed the accumulation of slime in around the chute of the ice machine. Improve cleaning. 0114 RETAIL MARKET 30,001+ SQFT
7-10-2019 Potentially hazardous foods shall be held at or below 41°/ 45°F or at or above 135°F. (113996, 113998, 114037, 114343(a)) 2.00 Hold potentially hazardous foods either at or above 135°F or at or below 41°F. Hold the following potentially hazardous foods at 45°F: raw shell eggs, unshucked live molluscan shellfish, pasteurized milk and pasteurized milk products in original, sealed containers. Potentially hazardous foods held for dispensing in a serving line or a salad bar (not in a display case) may be held at 45°F or less during periods not to exceed 12 hours in any 24-hour period. Discard all potentially hazardous food that has been out of an approved time and temperature range. Observed the salad display measured at 47 degrees fahrenheit.
Observed the lunch meat cases measured at 49 degrees fahrenheit.
Observed the chest refrigerators for the whole ham measured at 46 degrees fahrenheit.
Keep potentially hazardous foods at or below 41 degrees fahrenheit.
Corrected on July 11th, 2019.